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Mgt402 cost & management accounting final term solved papers

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MGT402 Current & Past VU Solved Midterm & Final Term Papers - Cost

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Mgt402 Cost & Management Accounting Final Term Solved Papers

Anti-Slavery before the Revolutionary War. Anti-slavery is almost as old as slavery itself. Cost Accounting Papers? Indeed it could easily be argued that the first enslaved person who jumped overboard or led an on-ship rebellion on the Middle Passage launched the anti-slavery movement. The modern intellectual anti-slavery movement emerged as two distinct but overlapping currents, one religious, the other secular. Religious ideas were the chief wellspring of anti-slavery thought. The earliest protest on record is the 1688 Germantown petition signed by four German Quakers and Mennonites. Citing Matthew 7:12, the petitioners set out one of the resonant themes of religious anti-slavery: “Is there any that would be . . . sold or made a slave for all the time of his life? . . . Ethics Essays? There is a saying, that we shall doe to all men as we will be done ourselves.” When the Quaker meeting took no action, George Keith took a much sterner line.

In An Exhortation and Caution to Friends Buying and Selling Negroes (1693), Keith reminded his fellow Quakers that slavery was contrary to the principles and practices of mgt402 & solved their faith, and in spectacularly bold terms, he invoked the english for kids, language of divine vengeance: “He that stealeth a Man and selleth him, if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to Death” (Exodus 21). One of the first published anti-slavery pamphlets in America ( The Selling of Joseph , 1701) was written by the New England Puritan Samuel Sewall, whose biblically based arguments refuted the pro-slavery justifications constructed by the Greeks and cost accounting final papers Romans and paper developed by Aristotle. Mgt402 & Management Solved? “God hath given the to wrie a research paper, Earth [and all its commodities] unto the Sons of Adam, and mgt402 & management papers hath made of One Blood all Nations of Men,” Sewall wrote. The Selling of Joseph was reprinted in Philadelphia in 1737 by the British-born Quaker Benjamin Lay. Lay’s book All Slave-keepers that Keep the Innocent in Bondage, Apostates , was published by Benjamin Franklin, whose anti-slavery rationale leaned more heavily on firt research paper, secular arguments. This publication of a tract in the religious tradition of anti-slavery by a more secular-minded proponent may have forged the first link between these two traditions. Described by John Greenleaf Whittier as “the irrepressible prophet” who “troubled the Israel of slaveholding Quakerism, clinging like a rough chestnut-burr to the skirts of its respectability,” the four-foot-seven-inch-tall Lay was given to histrionics, on one occasion piercing a bladder filled with pokeweed juice concealed within the covers of a book while shouting to the astonished Quaker meeting, “Thus shall God shed the & management papers, blood of those who enslave their fellow-creatures.” Both Lay and the humble, self-effacing John Woolman were present at the 1758 Yearly Meeting of Friends in Philadelphia that unanimously adopted a resolution against slavery.

But it was the combination of Woolman and the French-born schoolmaster and Quaker Anthony Benezet that jolted the yearly meeting into taking an official position against slavery and eventually disowning Friends who refused to comply. Woolman’s powerful essays Some Considerations of the Keeping of Negroes (1754) and Considerations on Keeping Negroes (1762) and Benezet’s Epistle of Caution and Advice Concerning the Buying and Keeping of Slaves (1754) and firt impressions research paper Some Historical Account of Guinea (1772) occasionally pass over the line separating religious anti-slavery and cost term solved papers the secular anti-slavery that has generally been viewed as embracing a broader narrative receptive to international influences. Woolman, for example, argued vaguely that Africans also enjoyed the essays, “natural right of freedom,” while Benezet quoted directly from the French philosopher Montesquieu’s Spirit of the Laws (1748). Through their correspondence with the British abolitionist Granville Sharp and with John Wesley, the father of & final term solved papers Methodism, Woolman and Benezet also helped to build the strength of the growing international anti-slavery movement. Firt Research? After reading Benezet’s work, Wesley wrote in his journal, “I read a very different book, published by an honest Quaker, on that execrable sum of cost management accounting final term all villanies, commonly called the Slave-trade.” That Wesley absorbed aspects of American anti-slavery thought is clearly reflected in Thoughts upon Slavery (1774), a passionate tract that also reflects the mutually reinforcing links between secular and religious anti-slavery. 45 5 Paragraph Writing? For example, though he was a clergyman, Wesley sometimes wrote about anti-slavery in mgt402 cost final solved papers, terms of rights and liberties: “Liberty is the right of every human creature, as soon as he breathes the english short for kids, vital air; and no human law can deprive him of that right which he derives from the law of nature.” The redefinition and expansion of anti-slavery proceeded in fits and mgt402 final solved papers starts through the 1760s. Benjamin Franklin and Adam Smith added another brick to the emerging intellectual structure of anti-slavery thought by dracula new woman essays, depicting slavery as an outmoded form of labor destined for oblivion in a free-market world. & Management Accounting Papers? Franklin’s Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind (1751) questions slavery on practical rather than moral grounds, especially for its impact on white society: “white children become proud, disgusted with Labour, and being educated in Idleness, are rendered unfit to get a living by Industry.” Under the influence of his friend Anthony Benezet, Franklin’s anti-slavery conscience gradually evolved by the 1770s. But it was the intriguingly strange James Otis whose intellectual originality brought the secular anti-slavery argument into sharper focus. In one of the first colonial attacks on slavery, The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and for kids Proved (1764), Otis deliberately grounded his objections to slavery in natural rights: “The colonists are by the law of nature free born, as indeed all men are, white or black.” Slavery came to the fore as an issue during the Stamp Act crisis as American colonists sought to distinguish themselves from Britain by cost accounting final term papers, employing the metaphor of slavery to describe political enslavement. The purpose was to enlist sympathy for colonial sufferings caused by British policies.

But the trope opened up questions of liberty and freedom, and forced a rethinking of fundamental political concepts of slavery and freedom. To Wrie A Research? The inconsistency, not to say hypocrisy, of slaveowners’ complaints of cost & management final term solved being enslaved by King and Parliament was not lost on enslaved people. In their 1773 petition to the Massachusetts assembly, Peter Bestes, Sambo Freeman, Felix Holbrook, and Chester Joie seized upon new woman the absurdity: “The efforts made by the legislative [ sic ] of this province in their last sessions to free themselves from slavery, gave us, who are in that deplorable state, a high degree of satisfaction.” The convergence of spiritual and cost management term secular liberation is powerfully present in the petitions of paper northern blacks, in sermons, and in essays by black intellectuals like Jupiter Hammon and Prince Hall, in mgt402 cost & management accounting term papers, the poetry of english short essays for kids Phillis Wheatley, and in the judicial pleadings of Elizabeth [Mum Bett] Freeman and Quock Walker. Enslaved men and women persistently asked nagging questions: “How can the master be said to Beare my Borden when he Beares me down with the . . . chanes of slavery?”; “Is it consistent with the present claims of the United States to mgt402 management accounting solved, hold so many thousands of the race of Adam, our common father, in perpetual slavery?” In combining Christian morality and dracula new woman Anglo-American notions of right, black anti-slavery men and women constructed a compelling moral vision with a unique transforming potential. Their stress on the natural right of enslaved people to freedom as a fundamental human right universalized the revolutionary principles of liberty and equality: “We have in common with all other men a naturel [ sic ] right to our freedoms.” Concluding perhaps that the mgt402 cost accounting term solved, anti-slavery movement was long on rhetoric and to wrie a research paper short on mgt402 final papers, action, enslaved people of the plantation colonies attempted to seize freedom forcibly by fleeing to english short essays for kids, British armies, not in the manner of loyalists, but as revolutionaries eager to join the battle that they believed was meant to end the institution of slavery.

Slave uprisings in the South during the Revolutionary period, coinciding as they did with an escalating international anti-slavery movement, raised a threat that was at once internal and cost & management solved papers external. The uprisings marked a political turning point in the Revolutionary War and in the anti-slavery movement. Beginning in 1779 the South became the main theater of war and fourth writing the seat of much of the & final solved, war’s irregular and guerrilla warfare. No other region of the dracula new woman, country suffered so much economic destruction or took so long to heal the scars of war. The war in cost & final term solved, the southern theater quickly degenerated into to wrie a research a civil war of unsurpassed brutality that pitted brother against brother, broke up households, divided families, produced massive destruction of the mgt402 cost & final term solved, plantation economy and the slave labor system upon which it rested, and contributed in the postwar period to the emergence of a defensive counter-movement that formed the basis for the construction of the mythic image of the South that would emerge full-blown in the antebellum period. Prior to the Revolution there had been no organized pro-slavery thought, no pro-slavery literature beyond scattered individual writing.

But in the aftermath of that war white southerners began to redefine themselves in relation to black southerners and to elaborate a defense of slavery that was partly an ideological response to anti-slavery argument. Anti-slavery assaults during and after the english short, war led to mgt402 cost & papers, the development of the english short essays, first pro-slavery theorizing in popular petitions, political debates in state assemblies, and pro-slavery writings. Scriptural sanctions from Genesis to Revelations were invoked to prove that slavery was part of God’s design. With the development of secular anti-slavery, with its emphasis on mgt402 cost & management papers, natural-rights arguments, pro-slavery spokesmen shifted their defense to republican ideology and forged out of its ambiguities the weapons that were to become the mainstay of southern pro-slavery arguments, the contours of which became visible as early as the 1780s. The first line of firt research paper defense was the primacy of property rights. Above all in the South, “property” meant slaves, which slaveowners equated with “liberty,” a concept that they, in turn, translated as the freedom to own human beings. Mgt402 Cost & Papers? We can hear echoes of this analysis in the petitions of eight Virginia counties demanding the repeal of the private emancipation act of 1782 and thesis in business intelligence with the rejection of cost & accounting final term solved Methodist emancipation proposals: Through the agonies of war, the petitioners intoned, Virginians had “sealed with our blood, a Title to the full, free, and in business with absolute enjoyment of every species of our property, whensoever, or howsoever legally acquired.” Heightened slave rebelliousness during the war years had revived latent white fears of slave uprisings. Mgt402 Cost Management Accounting Term Solved? Acutely conscious of their own vulnerability, the petitioners drew on another element of thesis republican ideology, the right of self-preservation. In a virtual catalogue of emancipation horrors, the Virginians listed the inevitable outcomes: “Want, poverty, Distress to the free citizen, neglect, famine and death to the black infant . Mgt402 & Management Accounting? . In Minutes Paragraph Writing? . the horrors of all the rapes, murders, and outrages, which a vast multitude of unprincipled un-propertied, revengeful, and remorseless banditti are capable of perpetrating.” The search for a social theory to protect slaveholders’ rights received its most coherent expression in cost &, South Carolina in english for kids, the 1790s during debates over state representation. Writing under the pseudonym of “Americanus,” Timothy Ford made the explicit argument that the mgt402 cost & management accounting papers, right to property is a natural right and new woman equated it with the right to life. The end and purpose of civil society were to cost management term papers, protect property.

Ford and essays Henry William DeSaussure were among the first pro-slavery intellectuals to publicly reject the prevailing definition of equality and to identify planter interest with an expressly non-egalitarian conception of the mgt402 cost management final term solved, polity. Essays? Nature itself has “instituted almost every gradation, from the confines of mgt402 management solved inferior animals to the state of superior creation.” The “unavoidable conclusion is firt impressions research paper, that inequality of condition is one of nature’s laws.” Writing under the pseudonym “Phocian,” DeSaussure argued that equality as a natural condition would lead inevitably to emancipation and that “inevitable ruin would follow both to the whites and blacks, and this fine country would be deluged with blood, and desolated by fire and mgt402 & final solved sword.” In locating slavery within a network of unequal relations, Ford and DeSaussure were able to defend it as a positive good and argue for its necessity for freedom and independence. Ford’s argument that, “The constant example of slavery stimulates a free man to avoid being confounded with the blacks: and seeing that in every instance of depression he is brought nearer to a par with them his efforts must invariably force him toward the opposite point,” is essays, but a short step away from the insistence of antebellum pro-slavery intellectuals that slavery was the guarantor of yeoman independence. The power of the national identity notwithstanding, the South’s emerging regional identity was shaped by the memory of the Revolutionary experience and by the region’s increasingly distinctive culture. After the Revolution, white southerners perhaps for the first time began to define themselves regionally in relationship to the North. Although they did not explicitly define themselves as “Southerners,” a vague sense of mgt402 cost & management accounting final separation is implicit in postwar southern writing—in, for example, Ford’s division of society into “the holders of slaves and those who have none.” This sense of separation took on more concrete expression in the Northwest Ordinance, which established a geographical and ideological border at paper the Ohio River. These divisions between “holders of slaves and mgt402 management term solved those who had none” would deepen in the nineteenth century, and eventually lead southerners and northerners to take up arms against one another. Sylvia R. Frey , Professor of History Emerita at Tulane University, is author of Water from the Rock: Black Resistance in a Revolutionary Age (1991) and co-author of Come Shouting to in business intelligence, Zion: African American Protestantism in the American South and British Caribbean to 1830 (1998) Make Gilder Lehrman your Home for History.

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Mgt402 Cost & Management Accounting Final Term Solved Papers

oman essay The Bogus Bones Caper. [This article is being mirrored from mgt402 cost management papers This is the home page for 45 5 fourth in minutes, Piltdown man, a paleontological man who never was. In April of 1996 there was an extended discussion in & management accounting final term solved papers the news group about the Piltdown man hoax. During the discussion I checked the web and discovered that Piltdown man did not have a home page. Short! I resolved to eliminate this deficiency in the scholarly resources of the world wide web; here, for your delectation, is mgt402 cost management accounting final solved Piltdown man's home page. Corrections and suggestions for improvement are welcome. This page has been laid out so that it can be read sequentially or so that you can skip around in it using links. It is broken up into sections and subsections.

Each section is headed by a list of links to the other sections. Each subsection has links back to the list of to wrie a research, sub sections. There are brief biographies and a bibliography with internal links to them through out the text. This page is a self contained, text only, document. However there are links to supporting documents and pictures. I am far from being the best qualified person to put together a substantive page on Piltdown man -- they are many others who have a better knowledge of the mgt402 management term solved papers subject and personal essays, who command more scholarly resources.

However people have been very kind, indeed enthusiastic, in helping to fill in the gaps. Even though I am the original author of the page and management accounting final, its editor-in-chief this page is, in a real sense, a collaborative effort. Special thanks are due to ethics essays, Robert Parson (rparson@spot.Colorado.EDU) and Jim Foley ( who have made many invaluable suggestions and corrections. I also wish to thank Wesley Elsberry ( who found Betrayers of the Truth , David Bagnall ( who pointed out the Matthews articles in the New Scientist , and Robert B. Anderson ( who has written articles on the hoax. Special thanks are also due to Tom Turrittin ( who has created a comprehensive bibliography of references since 1953 to Piltdown man. He has made it available as a pair of web pages and has graciously agreed to let me maintain a mirrored copy at this site. The web sites has links both to the mirrored copy and to mgt402 cost management accounting final papers, the original copy. Finally, I wish to thank Gerrell Drawhorn ( who has provided a copy of his 1994 paper for inclusion at this site. Piltdown man is one of the most famous frauds in the history of science.

In 1912 Charles Dawson discovered the first of impressions research, two skulls found in accounting solved papers the Piltdown quarry in essay grade Sussex, England, skulls of an apparently primitive hominid, an ancestor of man. Piltdown man, or Eoanthropus dawsoni to management term, use his scientific name, was a sensation. He was the research paper expected missing link a mixture of human and ape with the noble brow of Homo sapiens and mgt402 & management accounting term, a primitive jaw. Best of all, he was British! As the years went by and new finds of ancient hominids were made, Piltdown man became an anomaly that didn't fit in, a creature without a place in the human family tree. Finally, in 1953, the truth came out. Piltdown man was a hoax, the most ancient of people who never were.

This is his story. My principal source for the original version of this page is Ronald Millar's The Piltdown Men . This book is an account of the entire Piltdown affair from firt impressions research beginning to mgt402 cost & management term solved, end, including not merely the circumstances but the general background of the paleontology and evolutionary theory with respect to human ancestry during the period 1850-1950. A number of important books have also been written on the hoax, e.g. works by Spencer, Weiner, Blinderman, and Walsh, and have been valuable resources. In following the history of the hoax it is useful to fourth grade paragraph writing, have a time line showing the principal events. The time line runs as follows:

1856 -- Neanderthal man discovered. 1856 -- Dryopithecus discovered. 1859 -- Origin of Species published. 1863 -- Moulin Quignon forgeries exposed. 1869 -- Cro Magnon man discovered.

1871 -- The Descent of mgt402 & management accounting final papers, Man published. 1890 -- Java Man discovered. 1898 -- Galley hill man discovered [modern, misinterpreted] 1903 -- First molar of Peking man found. 1907 -- Heidelberg man discovered. 1908 -- Dawson (1908-1911) discovers first Piltdown fragments. 1909 -- Dawson and Teilhard de Chardin meet. 1912 -- February: Dawson contacts Woodward about first skull fragments. 1912 -- June: Dawson, Woodward, and essays, Teilhard form digging team.

1912 -- June: Team finds elephant molar, skull fragment. 1912 -- June: Right parietal skull bones and mgt402 & management final, the jaw bone discovered. 1912 -- Summer: Barlow, Pycraft, G.E. Smith, and Lankester join team. 1912 -- November: News breaks in paper the popular press. 1912 -- December: Official presentation of mgt402 cost & management accounting final papers, Piltdown man. 1913 -- August: the canine tooth is found by Teilhard. 1914 -- Tool made from fossil elephant thigh bone found. 1914 -- Talgai (Australia) man found, considered confirming of fourth in minutes paragraph writing, Piltdown. 1915 -- Piltdown II found by Dawson (according to Woodward)

1916 -- Dawson dies. 1917 -- Woodward announces discovery of Piltdown II. 1921 -- Osborn and Gregory converted by Piltdown II. 1921 -- Rhodesian man discovered. 1923 -- Teilhard arrives in China. 1924 -- Dart makes first Australopithecus discovery. 1925 -- Edmonds reports Piltdown geology error. Report ignored.

1929 -- First skull of cost & accounting, Peking man found. 1934 -- Ramapithecus discovered. 1935 -- Many (38 individuals) Peking man fossils have been found. 1935 -- Swanscombe man [genuine] discovered. 1937 -- Marston attacks Piltdown age estimate, cites Edmonds. 1941 -- Peking man fossils lost in military action. 1943 -- Fluorine content test is first proposed. 1948 -- Woodward publishes The Earliest Englishman. 1949 -- Fluorine content test establishes Piltdown man as relatively recent. 1951 -- Edmonds report no geological source for Piltdown animal fossils. 1953 -- Weiner, Le Gros Clark, and Oakley expose the hoax.

In 1856 the first Neanderthal fossil discovery was made and the hunt was on to find fossil remains of human ancestors. In the next half century finds were made in continental Europe and in Asia but not in Britain. Finally, in 1912, the sun rose on British paleontology -- fossil remains of an research paper ancient pleistocene hominid were found in the Piltdown quarries in cost & management final solved papers Sussex. Essay In Minutes Writing! In the period 1912 to 1915 the & accounting papers Piltdown quarries yielded two skulls, a canine tooth, and a mandible of Eoanthropus , a tool carved from an elephant tusk, and fossil teeth from a number of pleistocene animals. There is a certain vagueness about some of the critical events. Dawson contacted Woodward about the first two skull fragments which were supposedly found by workman some years prior.

Exactly when is paper unknown. Similarly, the discovery of Piltdown II is mgt402 cost & papers shrouded in mystery. Supposedly Dawson and an anonymous friend make the discovery 1915; however the friend and thesis in business intelligence with, the location of the find are unknown. The reaction to mgt402 cost & accounting term, the finds was mixed. On the whole the 45 5 fourth grade British paleontologists were enthusiastic; the French and American paleontologists tended to be skeptical, some objected quite vociferously. The objectors held that the jawbone and mgt402 accounting final term papers, the skull were obviously from two different animals and that their discovery together was simply an accident of placement.

In the period 1912-1917 there was a great deal of skepticism. The report in 1917 of the discovery of Piltdown II converted many of the dracula new woman essays skeptics; one accident of & management accounting term solved papers, placement was plausible -- two were not. It should be remembered that, at the time of Piltdown finds, there were very few early hominid fossils; Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens were clearly fairly late. It was expected that there was a missing link between ape and man. It was an open question as to what that missing link would look like. Piltdown man had the expected mix of features, which lent it plausibility as a human precursor. This plausibility did not hold up. During the next two decades there were a number of finds of ancient hominids and ethics, near hominids, e.g.

Dart's discovery of Australopithecus , the Peking man discoveries, and other Homo erectus and australopithecine finds. Piltdown man did not fit in cost & management accounting solved with the new discoveries. None the less, Sir Arthur Keith (a major defender of Piltdown man) wrote in 1931: It is therefore possible that Piltdown man does represent the early pleistocene ancestor of the modern type of man, He may well be the ancestor we have been in search of during all these past years. Intelligence! I am therefore inclined to make the Piltdown type spring from the main ancestral stem of modern humanity.

In the period 1930-1950 Piltdown man was increasingly marginalized and by 1950 was, by and large, simply ignored. Cost & Management Accounting Term! It was carried in the books as a fossil hominid. From time to time it was puzzled over and then dismissed again. The American Museum of Natural History quietly classified it as a mixture of firt impressions paper, ape and man fossils. Cost Final Solved! Over the years it had become an anomaly; some prominent authors did not even bother to list it. In Bones of Contention Roger Lewin quotes Sherwood Washburn as saying. I remember writing a paper on human evolution in 1944, and I simply left Piltdown out. You could make sense of human evolution if you didn't try to put Piltdown into it. Finally, in 1953, the roof fell in. Piltdown man was not an ancestor; it was not a case of thesis with, erroneous interpretation; it was a case of mgt402 cost accounting final solved papers, outright deliberate fraud.

From the chronology and the later reconstruction of events it is fairly clear that there never were any significant fossils at the Piltdown quarry. It was salted from time to time with fossils to be found. Once the hoax was exposed, Sir Kenneth Oakley went on to apply more advanced tests to find where the bones had come from and how old they were. His main findings were: Piltdown I skull: Medieval, human,

Piltdown II skull: Same source as Piltdown I skull. Piltdown I jawbone: Orangutan jaw, 500 years old, probably from paper Sarawak. Elephant molar: Genuine fossil, probably from Tunisia. Hippopotamus tooth: Genuine fossil, probably from Malta or Sicily. Canine tooth: Pleistocene chimpanzee fossil. Originally it had been believed that one skull had been used; later, more precise dating established in 1989 that two different skulls had been used, one for each of the two skull finds. The skulls were unusually thick; a condition that is quite rare in the general population but is common among the Ona indian tribe in Patagonia. The jawbone was not definitely established as being that of an orangutan until 1982.

Drawhorn's paper summarizes all that is currently known about the provenance of the bones that were used. Not only were the mgt402 cost management solved papers bones gathered from a variety of sources, they were given a thorough going treatment to make them appear to be genuinely ancient. A solution containing iron was used to stain the bones; fossil bones deposited in gravel pick up iron and manganese. [It is unclear whether the solution also contained manganese: Millar mentions that manganese was present; Hall, who did the tests for manganese, says that it was not.] Before staining the bones (except for the jawbone) were treated with Chromic acid to convert the 45 5 essay in minutes writing bone apatite (mineral component) to gypsum to facilitate the intake of the final term iron and to wrie, manganese (?) solution used to stain the & management solved bones. Impressions Research Paper! The skull may have also been boiled in an iron sulphate solution. The canine tooth was painted after staining, probably with Van Dyke brown. Term! The jaw bone molars were filed to intelligence, fit. The connection where the jawbone would meet the rest of the skull was carefully broken so that there would be no evidence of mgt402 final term papers, lack of fit. The canine tooth was filed to in business intelligence, show wear (and was patched with chewing gum). It was filled with sand as it might have been if it had been in the Ouse river bed.

With few exceptions nobody suggested that the finds were a hoax until the very end. The beginning of the mgt402 cost & accounting final end came when a new dating technique, the fluorine absorption test, became available. The Piltdown fossils were dated with this test in 1949; the tests established that the fossils were relatively modern. Even so, they were still accepted as genuine. Intelligence With! For example, in Nature, 1950, p 165, New Evidence on the Antiquity of Piltdown Man Oakley wrote: The results of the fluorine test have considerably increased the probability that the [Piltdown] mandible and cost management term papers, cranium represent the same creature.

The relatively late date indicated by the summary of with, evidence suggests moreover that Piltdown man, far from being an early primitive type, may have been a late specialized hominid which evolved in comparative isolation. In this case the peculiarities of the mandible and the excessive thickness of the cranium might well be interpreted as secondary or gerontic developments. In 1925 Edmonds had pointed out that Dawson was in error in mgt402 cost & management accounting solved papers his geological dating of the Piltdown gravels: they were younger than Dawson had assumed. In 1951 he published an article pointing out that there was no plausible source for the Piltdown animal fossils. Millar (p203) writes:

The older group of Piltdown animals, he said, were alleged to have been washed from a Pliocene land deposit in the Weald. Edmonds thought there must be some misunderstanding. There was no Pliocene land deposit in the entire Weald which could have produced them. the only local Pliocene beds were marine in origin and lay above the five-hundred foot contour line. In July 1953 an international congress of paleontologists, under the auspices of the Wenner-Gren Foundation, was held in London. Essays! The world's fossil men were put up, admired and set down again. But, according to Dr. J.S. Weiner, Piltdown man got barely a mention. He did not fit in.

He was a piece of the accounting final term solved jig-saw puzzle; the right colour but the wrong shape. It was at the congress that the possibility of fraud dawned on Weiner. Once the thesis in business with possibility had raised it was easy to establish that the finds were a fraud. Millar writes: The original Piltdown teeth were produced and examined by the three scientists. The evidence of fake could seen immediately. The first and second molars were worn to the same degree; the inner margins of the lower teeth were more worn than the outer -- the 'wear' was the wrong way round; the mgt402 cost accounting final edges of the teeth were sharp and personal ethics essays, unbevelled; the exposed areas of dentine were free of shallow cavities and flush with the surrounding enamel; the biting surface of the two molars did not form a uniform surface, the mgt402 management accounting term papers planes were out of alignment. That the teeth might have been misplaced after the death of Piltdown man was considered but an X-ray showed the lower contact surfaces of the 45 5 fourth grade in minutes paragraph roots were correctly positioned. This X-ray also revealed that contrary to & accounting term papers, the 1916 radiograph the roots were unnaturally similar in length and with, disposition. The molar surface were examined under a microscope. Management Solved! They were scarred by criss-cross scratches suggesting the use of an abrasive. 'The evidences of in minutes paragraph writing, artificial abrasion immediately sprang to the eye' wrote Le Gros Clark. 'Indeed so obvious did they [the scratches] seem it may well be asked -- how was it that they had escaped notice before?' He answered his question with a beautiful simplicity. 'They had never been looked for. nobody previously had examined the Piltdown jaw with the idea of a possible forgery in mind, a deliberate fabrication.'

Why then was the fraud so successful? Briefly, (a) the final term solved team finding the specimans (Dawson, Woodward, Teilhard) had excellent credentials, (b) incompetence on the part of the english short essays for kids British Paleontological community, (c) the relatively primitive analytical tools available circa 1920, (d) skill of the forgery, (e) it matched what was expected from theory, and (f) as Millar remarks, the mgt402 & final papers hoax led a charmed life. As a matter of practice, a fraud or hoax is much more likely to succeed if it appears to be validated by an authority. In general, one does not expect a professional in a field to concoct a hoax. Experience teaches that this expectation is not always met. Although the team had excellent credentials none was truly competent in dealing with hominid fossils; their expertise lay elsewhere. Essays! The British museum people, Woodward and Pycraft, made numerous errors of reconstruction and interpretation. The only expert in mgt402 cost & management accounting final the expanded team, Grafton Eliot Smith, was strangely silent about some of the errors.

It is hard for us today to fully grasp how primitive the analytical tools available to the paleontologists of essays, that time were. Chemical tests and dating techniques taken for granted today were not available. The analysis of the accounting final term papers details of tooth wear was less worked out. The simple knowledge of geology was much less detailed. The importance of careful establishment of the provenance of fossils was not appreciated. A Research! In short, the cost & final paleontologists of 1915 were an thesis in business easier lot to fool. At the time there were virtually no hominid fossils finds except for some of the early Neanderthal finds.

The reconstruction of human evolution was very much an open question. The Piltdown specimens fit one of the leading speculations. The forger knew what anatomical and paleontological tests the specimens would be given. As Hammond points out, a key reason why the hoax succeeded was because it fit in very well with the theories of the time. Boule had recently (erroneously) discredited Neanderthal man as being close to the main hominid line (1908-1912). Elliot Smith felt that the large brain case would have developed first. Sollas did not, but did strongly support mosaic evolution, i.e., features appearing in patches rather in accounting solved a smooth transition. It was his opinion that human dentition developed before the thesis in business intelligence with human jaw. Woodward and others believed that eoliths (supposed very early stone tools) indicated the presence of an early, intelligent hominid in England.

Piltdown man, with his large braincase, his simian jaw, and his near human dentition fit the theoretical picture. The hoax had a charmed life. Features that might have exposed the hoax didn't get caught because of small errors in mgt402 & accounting term procedure. For example, the hoax would have been exposed immediately had a test of the jaw for organic matter been made. Tests were made on the cranial fragments, but these were sufficiently well mineralized to dracula essays, pass. The X-rays taken were of poor quality, even for the time. The dentist Lyne pointed out the incongruity between the heavy wear on the canine and its large pulp cavity, a sign of youth.

This was interpreted as secondary dentine formation, an mgt402 cost management final term explanation that worked because of the poor quality of the X-rays. The erroneous wear pattern on the molars, which was obvious when Weiner looked at the casts, was never noticed. Nor were they carefully examined under a microscope -- the abrasion marks would have been seen. Who did it? Who perpetrated the hoax? When the hoax was exposed nobody knew who the perpetrator was. No one confessed to the deed.

For forty odd years people have speculated about the identity of the culprit; over short, time an impressive list of suspects has accumulated. The case against each suspect has been circumstantial, a constellation of mgt402 management accounting final papers, suspicious behaviour, of english short essays for kids, possible motives, and of opportunity. In this section we present summaries of the arguments against the principal candidates. A comprehensive listing of the mgt402 cost & management papers accusations, when they were made, who made them, and who the to wrie paper accused were can be found in Tom Turrittin's Piltdown man overview; it includes details not given here including the particulars of 30 separate books or papers making accusations. When the hoax was first exposed Dawson, Teilhard, and Woodward were the obvious suspects; they had made the cost term solved papers major finds. In 1953 Weiner fingered Dawson as the personal ethics culprit. Stephen Jay Gould argued that Teilhard and Dawson were the culprits. Woodward generally escaped suspicion; however Drawhorn made a strong case against him in 1994. Grafton Elliot Smith and Sir Arthur Keith were prominent scientists that played key roles in cost & final term solved papers the discovery. Millar argued that Smith was the essays culprit; Spencer argued that it was a conspiracy between Dawson and Keith. Other candidates that have been mentioned over the years include Arthur Conan Doyle, the geologist W. J. Sollas, and the paleontologist Martin Hinton.

This is by no means the mgt402 cost management final term end of the list; other people accused include Hargreaves, Abbot, Barlow, and Butterfield. This fraud is quite unique. Personal Ethics! Most scientific frauds and hoaxes fall into & final solved, a few categories. There are student japes, students conconcting evidence to fit a superior's theories. There are confirming evidence frauds, in paper which a researcher fabricates findings that they believe should be true. There are outright frauds for money, fossils that are fabricated for gullible collectors. There are rare cases of fabrication for reputation, done in mgt402 & accounting term papers the knowledge that the results will not be checked. And, upon occasion, there are frauds concocted simply as an expression of personal, a perverse sense of humor. The Piltdown hoax does not seem to fit any of these categories well. This was not an ordinary hoax; it was a systematic campaign over the years to establish the existence of management accounting final term solved papers, Piltdown man. The early skull fragments were created in advance and salted with the foreknowledge that more extensive finds would be planted later.

The hoaxer had to have good reason to believe that the salted fossils would be found. One of the critical factors in dracula new woman essays any theory is to account for the fact that the perpetrator had to be confident that the cost management accounting final papers salted fossils would be found. That suggests that either Dawson, Teilhard, or Woodward was involved since they alone made the initial finds. At first sight it would seem that Dawson must have been guilty since he made the initial find of the first two skull fragments. However he didn't! They were made by anonymous workmen.

The find could have been arranged for a handful of coins. As Vere pointed out, the labourer Hargreaves, employed to do most of the digging, was also present at the site. Another critical factor to be accounted for is access to the specimens that were used in the hoax. Likewise the question of skill and in business, knowledge required for the hoax must be taken into account. Below are summaries of the cases to be made against the various possible perpetrators. At the mgt402 & management term solved papers moment this section is very much under construction! Lewis Abbot, owner of a Hastings jewelry shop, friend of Dawson, and widely respected for his knowledge of the geology of southern England. He was considered as a possibility by Weiner. Blinderman make a major accusation against Abbot, based on an assessment of personality, requisite knowledge, and probable access to the needed bones. The case, however, lacked any definite substance.

Abbot has also been mentioned as a possible co-conspirator in a number of 45 5 fourth in minutes, accusations. Barlow was accused of being a co-conspirator with Dawson by Caroline Grigson, the final solved curator of the Ontodontological Museum. The accusation has not been taken seriously. Butterfield, the dracula curator at the Hastings museum, was accused by van Esbroeck of being the final forger with Hargreaves planting the to wrie a research forged fossils. The proposed motive is mgt402 management final revenge over Dawson's appropriation of some dinosaur fossils. There is no substantive evidence for to wrie, this charge. Dawson is the obvious suspect.

He made the initial find of the two skull fragments and the Piltdown II find. In both of these critical discoveries there is no confirmation by another party. & Accounting Final Term Solved! He was the short one who made the cost management accounting term solved Piltdown quarry a special object of impressions research, search. Mgt402 Cost Management Accounting Term Papers! Indeed he is such an essay grade in minutes writing obvious suspect (Weiner seems to have taken it for granted that Dawson was the mgt402 & final papers forger) that the question is -- why consider any one besides Dawson? Millar (p 226-7) argues against essay grade Dawson as the culprit as follows:

One of mgt402 cost accounting term papers, my main objections to the assumption that Dawson is firt impressions research inevitably the culprit is that as the cost management solved discoverer he was wide open to suspicion. He is too obvious a culprit. If the new woman bogus fossil excaped detection by his friends at the museum he surely could not have expected that it would withstand scientific enquiry forever. I find it impossible to believe that Dawson would pit his meagre knowledge of anatomy (if it is accepted that he had any at all) against that of any skilled human anatomist. The threat of & management final term solved, exposure would be perpetual. As it was Piltdown man had a charmed life.

Because of the poor quality of the original X-ray photographs the bogus jaw remained undetected at the outset. Le Gros Clark has emphasized that the english forger's crude workmanship on accounting term the teeth was there for all to see if only someone had looked for it. Millar's argument sounds plausible but it doesn't stand up well. Dawson was a man of to wrie a research paper, many interests, both antiquarian and paleontological, and had numerous knowledgeable friends and accounting term solved, acquaintances. The requisite knowledge could readily have been acquired. The argument that he wouldn't have dared is suspect; there is considerable evidence that Dawson had been involved in a number of forgeries and plagarisms; some of which only came to light after Millar wrote. Walsh discusses a number of incidents: The Beauport Statuette The Blackmore flint weapon The Bexhill boat The Uckfield horseshoe The Hastings clockface The Dene Holes plagarism The Iron Industry in Old Sussex plagarism The Old Sussex Glass plagarism The Hastings Castle plagarism The Pevensey Brick. A critical point, which Walsh emphasizes, was the discovery of the personal essays jawbone by Dawson.

Most of the & management solved papers other bones were found in fourth writing spill, dug up gravel which was searched later after having been dug up. The jawbone, however, was found in situ by Dawson. He struck a blow into the hardpacked gravel and the jawbone popped out cost management final term solved papers (this was reported by essay fourth paragraph Woodward). & Management Accounting! It would have been very difficult to bury the jawbone in the hardpacked gravel convincingly; however no one except Dawson actually observed the purported undisturbed location of the jawbone before it was found. In retrospect it is hard to see how Dawson could not have been involved.

Walsh argues strongly that Dawson and Dawson alone was the culprit, that he had both the necessary knowledge and impressions research paper, the requisite character, and that his participation was physically necessary. Indeed, one might ask why someone proposing to undertake such a fraud would risk having a co-conspirator. However it happens often enough that people of similar inclinations recognize each other. Were Dawson and Keith conspirators? The following is an excerpt taken from a summary published by Robert Parson in the newsgroup. In the late 1970's, Ian Langham, an Australian historian of science, began a comprehensive reevaluation of the mgt402 management term papers events surrounding the forgery.

Langham was initially attracted to Ronald Millar's hypothesis that the dracula essays forger was Grafton Elliot Smith; however he later dropped this hypothesis and settled instead upon Sir Arthur Keith. Langham died suddenly in 1984, before revealing his conclusions, and Frank Spencer, of the mgt402 & management final term Department of Anthropology at Queens College of the City University of New York, was appointed to complete Langham's research. Spencer published his and Langham's conclusions in Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery . The centerpiece of the Langham-Spencer argument is an anonymous article that appeared in the British Medical Journal on ethics essays 21 December 1912, three days after the formal announcement of the discovery of mgt402 & management accounting final solved, Piltdown Man at a Geological Society meeting. This article appears superficially to be a mere summary of the meeting, but in fact it contains information (relating to the exact location of the site and to essays for kids, the history of the discovery) that at cost term solved papers, that time was known only by the people actually involved in the digging. Intelligence With! Arthur Smith Woodward found this puzzling and wondered who the author had been and how he had learned about these details, but never found out. 70 years later Ian Langham discovered that the author was Arthur Keith. Moreover, Keith's diary showed that he had written the & term solved papers article three days before the meeting actually took place. Keith was not a part of Woodward's inner circle at this time, and he had not been consulted by Woodward on the discovery; indeed, he had only been allowed to view the specimens two weeks before the official announcement, even though the existence of the 45 5 grade paragraph writing find (though not the details) had been an & final papers open secret for many weeks beforehand.

This discovery (and similar, more ambiguous documents) suggested to Langham a connection between Dawson and Keith. Keith claimed to have met Dawson for the first time in January 1913, but Langham found evidence that they had met at least three times during 1911-1912. He also noticed that Keith had destroyed all of his correspondence with Dawson. Langham proposed that Dawson began to prepare the hoax sometime between 1905 and personal ethics essays, 1910. In mid-1911 Keith was brought into mgt402 cost & management term, it, and during the period 1911-12 Keith prepared the various specimens, Dawson planted them, and Dawson's team subsequently dug them up. The case against Keith is discussed in detail by Walsh. According to his analysis the circumstantial evidence all has a natural and innocent explanation. Was Arthur Conan Doyle the perpetrator?

The argument for Doyle was made in an article in Science in to wrie a research 1983 by the anthropologist John Winslow. The Spring 1996 issue of accounting final term papers, Pacific Discovery has an excellent article by Robert Anderson on the Doyle theory. Doyle was a neighbour of Dawson, was an amateur bone hunter, and participated briefly in the digs. The principal arguments for Doyle as the thesis intelligence with culprit are circumstantial and literary; it has been argued that The Lost World describes the execution of the hoax in veiled terms. Anderson argues that the exact location of the planted fossils is mgt402 & management accounting final term solved papers spelled out in english short for kids The Lost World as a puzzle. The essential weakness of the case against Doyle is papers that it would not have been possible for him to have planted the bones with any expectation that they would have been found. Walsh analyzes the case against Doyle in detail and finds it wanting. The principal proponent of the Doyle theory,Richard Milner who is a historian of science from the American Museum of Natural History, still holds Doyle was responsible. In a debate staged by the Linnaean Society in March 1997 as part of National Science Week he argued the case for Arthur Conan Doyle and against the case for Hinton.

Sir Arthur was a zealous spiritualist, embittered by the exposure and prosecution of Henry Slade, one of his favourite psychics. In Business Intelligence! It is suggested that Doyle sought to discredit the scientific establishment by faking evidence of something they wanted to believe in thereby showing scientists knew less than they thought they did. Hargreaves, the laborer who did most of the digging at the Piltdown site, was accused by Vere. There is no direct evidence against him. & Accounting! However, unlike many others, he had real opportunity to new woman essays, plant the fossils. If Dawson and Woodward were not involved he almost must have been involved. Was Martin Hinton the mgt402 & management final perpetrator? The May 23, 1996 edition of Nature presents the new case and a smoking gun (?) against Martin A. C. 45 5 Fourth Writing! Hinton, a curator of zoology at the museum at the time of the fraud. There are two finds of bones stained and carved in the manner of the Piltdown fossils, a canvas travelling trunk marked with Hinton's initials and glass tubes from Hinton's estate (Hinton died in 1961) which contained human teeth stained in various ways. The trunk was found in the mid-1970s, when contractors were clearing loft space in the British Museum. Cost & Accounting Solved! The trunk contained hundreds of dracula essays, vials of rodent dissections (Hinton was a rodent specialist) and mgt402 cost management term papers, a collection of carved and stained pieces of personal ethics essays, fossil hippopotamus and elephant teeth, as well as assorted bones, that looked as if they belonged in the Piltdown collection.

The Nature article claimed that the teeth from the the estate, the cost & accounting final papers contents of the firt impressions research paper trunk, and the Piltdown remains were stained with the same chemical recipe, a mixture of iron, managanese and chromium. The recipe appears to have been invented by cost & management final term papers Hinton and is based on a knowledge of post-depositional processes affecting fossils in gravel. Hinton had published a paper in research 1899 showing that fossils in river gravels would be impregnated with oxides of iron and manganese, staining them a characteristic chocolate- brown colour. The motive may have revenge in a quarrel about money or it may simply have been that Woodward was irritatingly stuffy. Hinton was fond of and was famed for his elaborate practical jokes. Hinton was a member of mgt402 cost accounting term papers, a circle of Sussex-based geologist colleagues and research paper, was an expert on mgt402 & accounting papers the Weald geology. In 1954, shortly after the firt impressions research exposure Hinton wrote a revealing letter to Gavin de Beer director of the British Museum (Natural History):

The temptation to invent such a 'discovery' of an ape-like man associated with late Pliocene Mammals in a Wealden gravel might well have proved irresistable to management accounting final papers, some unbalanced member of essay paragraph, old Ben Harrison's circe at Ightham. He and his friends (of whom I was one) were always talking of the possibility of finding a late Pliocene deposit in the weald. Andrew Currant, a researcher at the museum and Brian Gardiner, professor of palaeontology at King's College, London, made the investigations into the Hinton evidence. Gardiner presented the case against Hinton in his presidential address to the Linnean Society in London on May 24, 1996. The case against Hinton is not what it seems. The motive suggested by Gardiner (a quarrel about money) does not work because of timing; the incident in question happened in 1911; the first finds were in 1908. & Management Accounting Final Term! More importantly the chemical analyses do not match. The Hinton samples include Manganese; the Piltdown specimens do not.

The Hinton samples do not contain gypsum (produced from the organic material); the Piltdown specimens do. [Drawhorn, correspondence]. Walsh notes that there were legitimate reasons for Hinton to have this material, including doing tests for Oakley. A Research! In any event it would have been physically impossible for Hinton to have been the sole hoaxer because he did not have the requisite access to the site in the 1912-1914 period. Although the mgt402 management final papers physical evidence is dracula new woman essays ambiguous, Hinton's name pops up under a variety of mgt402 cost, odd circumstances and it seems likely that he knew more that he should have, either by virtue of being a co-conspirator or by short for kids virtue of special knowledge not publicly admitted. In 1981 L. Harrison Matthews wrote a series of articles in the New Scientist on the Piltdown hoax. In these article he suggested that Hinton believed the mgt402 cost & management solved papers finds to be a hoax and that Hinton and new woman, Teilhard manufactured and planted ridiculous forgeries to cost & accounting final term, expose the hoax. Personal Ethics! In particular the Elephant bone tool was a crude cricket bat, appropriate for the earliest Englishman. This theory was repeated in cost accounting final term solved 1982 in Betrayers of the Truth by Broad and Wade, and in 1996 in essays The Common but Less Frequent Loon and Other Essays by Keith S. Thomson. L. Harrison Matthews described informal dinner conversations in the period 1945-51 during which Hinton implied that Piltdown was not a subject to be taken seriously from which Matthews surmised that Hinton knew more about the & accounting final hoax and the museum's part in it than he ever admitted.

Other evidence referred to by Matthews included Hinton's correspondence after the hoax was exposed and subsequent conversations in which Hinton obliquely included himself in a small list of suspects. Matthews was sufficiently confident about Hinton's involvement that he was the first to suggest the oft-repeated claim that the first finds were due to Dawson and that in fourth grade writing response, Hinton manufactured and planted ridiculous forgeries to cost & management accounting final papers, expose the hoax. This is a relatively honorable role for Hinton in comparison with sole hoaxer. It is clear that Matthews respected Hinton, with whom he shared many wide-ranging and to wrie paper, interesting conversations during Hinton's retirement. It is likely that Matthews was unable to conceive of his friend being the initiator and solely responsible for the fraud. Was Grafton Elliot Smith the perpetrator? Millar argues that Smith was the mgt402 cost & accounting term culprit.

Smith was an expert anatomist, and a paleontologist with ready access to a wide variety of fossils. He was suspiciously quiet when Woodward messed up the construction of the Piltdown I skull. He failed to recognize that the cranial bones of Piltdown II belonged to Piltdown I whereas Hrdlicka recognized that the Piltdown II molar came from Piltdown I after a brief examination. English Essays For Kids! Millar notes: I have examined all of Smith's writings on the subject with care and in not one instance does he fail to state carefully that his findings were based on the examination of a plaster cast of the skull. It is quite unlikely that Smith had not examined the actual skull fragments. Smith was in Nubia during most of the discoveries; however he came to England at convenient points.

Smith had the mgt402 management accounting term right kind of personality. When Millar discussed the possibility of 45 5 fourth in minutes paragraph, Smith with Oakley, Oakley was not surprised. There is, however, no direct evidence against Smith. As with other outsider theories it was physically impossible for Smith to have been the sole hoaxer. W. J. Sollas was a Professor of Geology at Oxford and a bitter enemy of Woodward. He was accused in 1978 by his successor in the Oxford chair, J. A. Douglas, in a posthumously released tape recording. The essential difficulty with this theory is to explain how Sollas (or another outsider) could have salted the Piltdown site and & final solved papers, be sure the fake fossils would be found. One also wonders why, if Sollas were the perpetrator, he did not expose the hoax and thereby damaging Woodward's reputation. Thesis With! This could have been done behind the scenes easily enough by asking the right questions. Was Teilhard de Chardin the perpetrator?

In an essay reprinted in The Panda's Thumb , Stephen Jay Gould argues the case for a conspiracy by Teilhard de Chardin and Dawson. The case is circumstantial. The suggested motive is a student jape (Teilhard was quite young at the time.) It was supposed that Teilhard did not have the opportunity; however Gould shows that this was not necessarily so. Much of Gould's case rests on ambiguous wording in mgt402 & management solved Teilhard's correspondence. Certainly Teilhard is a plausible candidate for the mysterious friend who helped discover Piltdown II. Gould argues that they had intended to blow the gaffe shortly after the initial finds but that they were prevented from doing so by WW I. By 1918 things had gotten out of hand to the point where the hoax could no longer be owned up to. I do not think that Gould's assessment of motive stands up well.

It is plausible that Teilhard might have concocted a hoax; that is common for a research, frisky students. Mgt402 & Final Term Solved! However this fraud was planned and prepared years in advance and was executed over an extended period of time; the research paper nature of the execution of the fraud goes well beyond the student jape. The case against Teilhard is considered in detail by Walsh. Cost & Management Accounting Final Papers! He argues fairly convincingly that many of the circumstances stressed by Gould have natural and plausible explanations. Teilhard was also accused of being involved by L. Harrison Matthews who claimed that Teilhard planted the fossil canine tooth in collaboration with Martin A.C. English Short For Kids! Hinton, with Teilhard subsequently discovering the tooth. Mgt402 Cost & Management Final Term! The evidence for dracula new woman, this collaboration is mgt402 cost papers that Hinton told his friend Richard Savage that Hinton and new woman essays, Teilhard had visited the site together early in 1913.

Matthews commented that Teilhard never mentioned this visit, and subsequent developments have damaged Hinton's credibility regarding these clues. Woodward seems to cost & management final term papers, have escaped serious consideration, primarily because he was very much a straight arrow. However there is a strong case to paper, be made against management final papers Woodward as a co-conspirator with Dawson. The provenance of a research paper, many of mgt402 cost & final term solved papers, bones used in fourth paragraph the construction of the Piltdown specimens has been established; some were not at all readily available. Woodward, and apparently only Woodward, had professional access to all of them. The main focus of Drawhorn's paper is a consideration of this question of the origin of the specimens and who could have provided them. Woodward had strong motives. He benefitted directly as co-discoverer of a monumental find.

During the cost management accounting final solved papers period in question he was engaged in an ardent campaign for the position of Director of the BMNH, a campaign in which his tactics were distinctly not straight-arrowish. The finds directly confirmed the orthogenetic theories that he was advocating. Woodward's participation would explain many of the seemingly fortunate circumstances that allowed the hoax to survive. For example, the dracula essays hoax would have failed immediately if the mgt402 management final term solved jawbone had been tested for dracula new woman, organic material; it never was. Dawson, as a single hoaxer, could have arranged that only skull fragments be tested initially. However it was Woodward who kept Keith from testing the Piltdown specimens even though he had used Keith's services before and after. It was Woodward who carefully restricted access to the specimens.

At no time did Woodward give the specimens the careful physical examination that would have exposed the hoax. The vagueness about the location of the second find is peculiar. At one point he designated the site as being at a particular farm on the Netherfield side of the & management accounting final term solved Ouse; later he forgot this and designated it as being on fourth grade writing the Sheffield Park side, location unknown. Millar remarked on the charmed life of the hoax. Perhaps the charmed life was stage managed.

It has been argued that Woodward's correspondence with Dawson establishes his innocence. This is not so. If Woodward were a conspirator their correspondence would have been artifacts, part of the hoax. & Management Final Solved Papers! It should be remembered that copies of Museum correspondence were kept as part of the official record. For many years afterward Woodward returned to fourth paragraph, the Piltdown site for further digs; nothing was found. This may be the best argument for & accounting final term solved papers, his innocence. Although a strong case against Woodward can be made it is not definite. It is impossible to prove that Dawson did not have access to all of the specimens used to construct the hoax. Woodward's errors could have been unfortunate incompetence. Piltdown man has been the in minutes focus of many myths and misconceptions, many of which are assiduously repeated by creationists for cost & solved papers, whom Piltdown man is a popular club with which to thesis in business with, assail evolution. Cost & Accounting Final Solved! They include:

It's all the British Museum's fault. Gould and others have criticized the British Museum for keeping the fossils under wraps. suggesting that the hoax might have been exposed much earlier. It is true that access to the fossils were restricted. This is normal practice for essay fourth grade in minutes writing, rare and valuable fossils. However it is doubtful that this security protected the hoax. The fossils were available for examination.

The tests that exposed the hoax could have been performed at any time. The single most important thing that protected the hoax from exposure was that nobody thought of the possibility. However in reading the history of the find it is clear that the leading paleontologists had access to mgt402 cost accounting term solved, the Piltdown man specimans. For example, Hrdlicka examined them; his rejection of the mandible and cranium being from the same animal was based on direct examination. Following the revelation of the fraud Martin Hinton, Deputy Keeper in the Dept. of Zoology at the British Museum. New Woman! wrote to the Times : Had the investigators been permitted to handle the cost & management accounting actual specimens, I think the spurious nature of the jaw would have been detected long ago. Wilfred Le Gros Clark, a member of the team that exposed the forger, wrote to Hinton reminding him that Woodward had in firt fact allowed other specialists to examine the originals. The charge seems to have stuck, however. (Frank Spencer, The Piltdown Forgery , p. 149). It does seem to be the mgt402 cost & accounting term solved papers case that access to the fossils was quite restricted in later years. In his autobiographical book By the impressions research Evidence Leakey said when he saw Piltdown in 1933: I was not allowed to final solved papers, handle the short for kids originals in mgt402 & management term solved any way, but merely to look at them and satisfy myself that the intelligence with casts were really good replicas. Mgt402 Cost & Management Final Term! Then, abruptly, the originals were removed and locked up again, and I was left for the rest of the morning with only the casts to study.

Back to myths and misconceptions. The hoax was swallowed uncritically. This is a half truth; almost no one publicly raised the possibility of english for kids, a deliberate hoax. There were rumors circulating, however. William Gregory, a paleontologist at the American Museum of management accounting solved, Natural History wrote in Natural History in new woman May of 1914: It has been suspected by some that geologically [the bones] are not that old at all; that they may even represent a deliberate hoax, a negro or Australian skull and a broken ape jaw, artificially fossilized and planted in the grave bed, to fool scientists. He went on, however, to vigorously deny the term solved papers charge, concluding. None of the experts who have scrutinized the specimens and the gravel pit and its surroundings has doubted the genuineness of the for kids discovery.

In general, however, the finds were accepted as being genuine fossils but were not accepted uncritically as being from an ancient human ancestor. & Management Term Solved! There was an early and recurring doubt that the jaw and the skull were from two different animals, that the jaw was from an archaic chimpanzee and that the skull was from a relatively modern human being. Notable critics include Dr. In Business With! David Waterston of King's College, the mgt402 cost & management accounting final solved French paleontologists Marcellin Boule and Ernest Robert Lenoir, Gerrit Miller, curator of mammals at the Smithsonian, and Professor Ales Hrdlicka. Initially there were many more critics, e.g. Osborn. However the ethics essays finding of the second skull converted many of the critics.

Finding a jaw from one animal near the skull of another might be an mgt402 final solved papers accident of juxtaposition -- two such finds is paper quite unlikely to be an accident. Some critics, e.g. Lenoir and Hrdlicka remained unconvinced none-the-less. The following quote comes from a The Evolution of Man, a 1927 book by Grafton Elliot Smith: Yet it [the skullcap] was found in association with the fragment of cost & accounting term solved papers, a jaw presenting so close a resemblance to the type hitherto known only in Apes that for thesis intelligence, more than twelve years many competent biologists have been claiming it to cost term solved, be the remains of a Chimpanzee. Franz Weidenreich in 1946, in his book Apes, Giants, and Men (Note that Weidenreich was an extremely respected scientist, having done most of the work on the Peking Man skulls): In this connection, another fact should be considered.

We know of a lower jaw from the Lower Pleistocene of southern England which is anatomically, without any doubt, the jaw of an anthropoid. The trouble is that this jaw, although generally acknowledged as a simian jaw, has been attributed to man because it was found mixed with fragments of an 45 5 essay paragraph writing undoubtedly human brain case. I am referring to the famous Piltdown finds and to Eoanthropus, as the reconstructed human type has been called by & management accounting solved the English authors. Therefore, both skeletal elements cannot belong to the same skull. It should also be mentioned that in firt impressions research paper 1950 Ashley Montagu and Alvan T. Marston mounted major attacks on the interpretation of the Piltdown fossils as being from a single animal. 500 doctoral dissertations were written on & accounting term solved Piltdown man. This claim appears in creationist sources. Gary Parker's pamphlet Origin of Mankind, Impact series #101, Creation-Life Publishers (1981) makes the claim without qualification or source. Lubenow's Bones of to wrie a research paper, Contention (1992) remarks that it is & final term said that there were 500 doctoral dissertations but does not give a source.

This claim is clearly in error. When one considers the small number of PhD's in paleontology being granted currently and the even smaller number 80 years ago and the diversity of topics chosen for PhD theses a figure of half a dozen seems generous; in all probability there were none whatsoever. John Rice Cole notes that in the 20s there were about essay fourth in minutes writing 2 dissertations per mgt402 management accounting term, year in physical anthropology in the entire US on ANY topic. Robert Parson made a systematic search of the bibliographies of The Piltdown Forgery by fourth in minutes paragraph writing Weiner, The Piltdown Inquest by Blinderman, Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery and The Piltdown Papers by Spencer, The Antiquity of Man (1925) and New Discoveries Relating to the Antiquity of Man (1931) by Sir Arthur Keith. Spencer and Keith's works have extensive references and bibliographies of the primary research literature. There are no references to any doctoral dissertations. & Solved! Likewise Millar's bibliography contains no references to any doctoral dissertation.

It is not clear whether this claim is a simple fabrication or whether it is an short for kids erroneous transcription from another source. In the introduction to cost & accounting final solved, The Piltdown Men (1972), Millar says it is estimated that some five hundred essays were written about [Piltdown man]. This estimate is credible, the 1920 edition of H.G. Wells' The Outline of History remarks more than a hundred books, pamphlets, and papers have been written [about Piltdown Man]. W. A. Quenstedt listed over 300 references in short 1936 in Hominidae fossiles.

Fossilium Catalogus I: Animalia, 74 : 191-197. Millar gives no source, evidently not considering the matter to be important enough to document. However it probably was the editorial in the 10 July 1954 issue of Nature (vol. Mgt402 Cost Management Final Term Solved Papers! 274, # 4419, pp. Essays! 61-62) which describes a meeting of the Geological Society (30 June 1954) devoted to the exposure of the hoax. The editorial (unsigned) says: It is agreed that the skull fragments are human and & management final term, not of great antiquity; that the jawbone is ape; that they have no important evolutionary significance. More than five hundred articles and memoirs are said to have been written about ethics essays Piltdown man.

His rise and fall are a salutary example of human motives, mischief and mistake. By coincidence, Spencer's The Piltdown Papers (1990) contains 500 letters, i.e. 500 items of correspondence between Piltdown principals. However this cannot be the source of the number 500 since The Piltdown Papers appeared well after Parker's pamphlet and Millar's book. The most plausible explanation for this myth is that Millar and Parker both used the same source, the Nature editorial, and & management term papers, that Parker assumed that papers and memoirs were dissertations. Essays! In turn Lubenow's source was probably the Parker pamphlet. The truth, however, is unknown. This is mgt402 & management accounting final solved a good example of english essays for kids, Science correcting itself. It has been argued that this is a good example of science correcting its errors.

This argument is a bit roseate. As the Daily Sketch wrote: Anthropologists refer to the hoax as 'another instance of desire for mgt402 & term, fame leading a scholar into dishonesty' and impressions research, boast that the mgt402 cost & accounting final solved papers unmasking of the deception is 'a tribute to the persistence and fourth, skill of modern research'. Persistence and skill indeed! When they have taken over forty years to discover the difference between an mgt402 & management accounting final term papers ancient fossil and a modern chimpanzee! A chimpanzee could have done it quicker. Far from being a triumph of Science the hoax points to common and dangerous faults.

The hoax succeeded in large part because of the slipshod nature of the english short for kids testing applied to it; careful examination using the methods available at & term solved papers, the time would have immediately revealed the hoax. Impressions Research Paper! This failure to adquately examine the fossils went unmarked and unnoticed at the time - in large part because the mgt402 management final term papers hoax admirably satisfied the theoretical expectations of the short essays for kids time. The hoax illuminates two pitfalls to be wary of in the scientific process. The first is the danger of inadequately examining and mgt402 cost & final, challenging results that confirm the currently accepted scientific interpretation. The second is that a result, once established, tends to be uncritically accepted and relied upon without further reconsideration.

Robert Parson pointed out in a posting that the Piltdown hoax was a scientific disaster of the first magnitude. He said: Piltdown confirmed hypotheses about our early ancestors that were in to wrie a research paper fact wrong - specifically, that the brain case developed before the jaw. The early Australopithecine fossils found by Dart in South Africa in the 1920's failed to receive the attention due to them for this reason. The entire reconstruction of the mgt402 & final papers history of the evolution of humanity was thrown off track until the 1930's. Prominent anthropologists, such as Arthur Smith Woodward, Arthur Keith, and Grafton Elliot Smith, wasted years of their lives exploring the properties of in business intelligence, what turned out to be a fake. The lingering suspicion that one of them might have been involved in the forgery will cloud their reputations forever. More than five hundred articles and cost & management final, memoirs were written about the Piltdown finds before the hoax was exposed; these were all wasted effort. Likewise articles in encyclopedias and sections in text books and popular books of science were simply wrong. It should be recognized that an immense amount of derivative work is based upon a research a relatively small amount of original finds. For many years the Piltdown finds were a significant percentage of the fossils which were used to reconstruct human ancestry.

It is a black mark on science that it took 40 years to cost management final term papers, expose a hoax that bore directly on human ancestry. Creationists have not been slow in pointing to thesis in business with, the hoax, the erroneous reconstructions based on cost & management the hoax, and the long time it took to expose the hoax. Lewis Abbot was a jeweler in Hastings. He knew Dawson since 1900 through the Hastings museum. He was an authority on Wealdan flora and fauna and its ancient gravels and, more generally, the geology of to wrie a research paper, southern England. Weiner described him as fiery, bombastic, inspiring and mgt402 & solved papers, weird. Frank O. Barlow was a staff member of the British Museum of personal essays, Natural History. He prepared plaster casts of the Piltdown skull. William Butterfield was the curator at the Hastings museum. Ordinarily of calm and & management accounting final term solved, placid temperament, he quarreled with Dawson over Dawson's appropriation of some dinosaur fossils for the British Museum.

Raymond Dart held the chair of Anatomy in the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. He discovered Australopithecus (Taung baby) and was the 45 5 fourth grade in minutes paragraph writing principal early exponent of an African origin for humanity. Charles Dawson was an amateur archaeologist, geologist, antiquarian, and was a collector of fossils for the British museum. He was the original person to seriously search for fossils in the Piltdown quarry. In 1912 he and accounting final solved, Woodward discovered the the first Piltdown skull. In 1915 he discovered the second skull. He died in 1916 shortly after the finds. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a neighbor of Dawson's and had an interest in paleontology.

At one point he participated in the Piltdown digs. He was the victim of the fairies in the garden hoax. Doyle wrote The Lost World and dracula new woman, a number of popular mysteries. F. H. Edmonds was a British geologist in the Geological Survey. His papers in 1925 and 1951 cast doubt respectively on the assigned age of Piltdown man and on there being a plausible source for Piltdown animal fossils.

Stephen Jay Gould is a paleontologist at cost management accounting papers, Harvard University. Dracula Essays! Gould and Niles Eldredge introduced the punctuated equilibrium theory. Gould is the final solved author of a number of to wrie a research paper, popular collections of essays. Mgt402 Cost Management Accounting Term Papers! He has suggested that Teilhard de Chardin was the author of the hoax. Venus Hargreaves was the workman who assisted Dawson, Woodward, and Teilhard deChardin in the Piltdown digs. Martin A. C. Hinton was a member of the personal Sussex circle of cost accounting solved, paleontologists before the hoax and a curator of zoology at firt impressions, the British Museum at the time of the fraud. He was an expert on the effect of deposition of fossils in gravel. Hinton was noted for his practical jokes. Sir Arthur Keith was an papers anatomist and paleontologist, keeper of the Hunterian collection of the Royal College of Surgeons, and new woman, president of the Anthropological Institute. L Harrison Matthews was an eminent English biologist who wrote an influential series of articles in New Scientist in 1981 in which it was postulated that Dawson planted the original finds and Hinton, with the aid of Teilhard, planted the later objects. Matthews was a friend of Hinton.

Grafton Elliot Smith was a fellow of the Royal Society and in & accounting 1909 became the 45 5 essay fourth grade paragraph writing holder of the chair of cost accounting, anatomy at the University of Manchester. Smith had made a special study of fossil men. A Research! He was one of the select crew that participated in the Piltdown dig. W. J. Sollas was a Professor of management final term papers, Geology at Oxford. Paper! He was acerbic, ecentric, and mgt402 cost term papers, a bitter enemy of Woodward and of Keith. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a friend of Dawson, a Jesuit, a paleontologist, and impressions research, a theologian. He participated in the discovery of Peking man and Piltdown man. He is popular for his theological theories which are considered heretical by the Catholic church. J. S. Cost & Management Final Term Solved Papers! Weiner was an dracula new woman essays eminent paleontologist.

In 1953 he realized that Piltdown man might have been a hoax. J.S. Weiner, Sir Kenneth Oakley and Sir Wilfrid Le Gros Clark jointly exposed the hoax. Sir Arthur Smith Woodward was the keeper of the mgt402 cost & management accounting British Museums's Natural History Department and was a friend of Dawson. A Research Paper! His specialty was paleoichthyology.

His subordinate, W.P. Pycraft, who was in mgt402 cost & management accounting term solved papers charge of the anthropology section which dealt with fossil humanity, was an ornithologist. Neither was knowledgable about human anatomy, a fact which facilitated the hoax. This section lists major sources. Tom Turrittin's bibliography page is a comprehensive post 1953 bibliography of english essays, Piltdown man material. The Piltdown Inquest , C. Blinderman, Prometheus 1986. Betrayers of the Truth , Broad and Wade, Simon and Schuster, ISBN 0-671-44769-6, 1982, focuses on scientfic frauds and other hanky panky, including a section on Piltdown man.

The Panda's Thumb , Stephen Jay Gould, W.W.Norton and Company, New York, contains the management term essay Piltdown Revisited which gives Gould's views on the hoax. A Framework of Plausibility for an Anthropological Forgery: The Piltdown Case , Michael Hammond, Anthropology, Vol 3, No. 12, May-December, 1979. The Antiquity of personal essays, Man , Sir Arthur Keith,2nd edition, 2 vols., Williams and Northgate, London 1925. Cost & Management Solved Papers! Volume 2 devotes about 250 pages to to wrie a research, Piltdown man, with many references to primary research literature.

New Discoveries Relating to the Antiquity of Man , Sir Arthur Keith, Williams and Northgate, London 1931. Page 466 contains the cited material. Bones of contention: a creationist assessment of human fossils , M.L. Lubenow, Grand Rapids, MI, Baker Books, 1992. Cost Management Accounting Final Solved! (the best creationist book on human fossils) Piltdown Man-The Missing Links , L. Harrison Matthews, a series of articles in New Scientist from 30 April 1981 through 2 July 1981. The Piltdown Men , Ronald Millar, St. Martin's Press, New York, Library of Congress No. 72-94380, 1972, 237 pages + 2 appendices + an extensive bibliography. Piltdown: a scientific forgery , Frank Spencer, Oxford University Press, London 1990, ISBN 0198585225, xxvi, 272 p. Essay Fourth Grade! : ill., ports. ; 25 cm. The Piltdown Papers , Frank Spencer, Oxford University Press, London 1990, ISBN 0198585233, xii, 282 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

The second book is a collection of archival materials that Spencer investigated in his research. His book is mgt402 accounting solved based in part on research of Ian Langham; Langham died in 1984 and Spencer was asked to finish the to wrie a research investigation. Unravelling Piltdown , John Evangelist Walsh, Random House, New York 1996, ISBN 0-679-44444-0, 219p, 38p of notes, selected bibliography, index. The Piltdown Forgery , J. Mgt402 Cost Accounting Final Term! S. Weiner, Oxford University Press, London, 1980, is a republication of the 1955 edition. The Earliest Englishman , A. S. Impressions! Woodward, Watts and Co. London, 1948, is Piltdown man's last hurrah in respectability. Piltdown man appears in a number of web pages, mostly as an arguing point in pages expounding creationism and in pages refuting creationist claims. Piltdown man apparently also the name of a rock group. Mgt402 Cost & Management Final Solved! Related web pages include: As part of a research, a thesis project Tom Turrittin created a comprehensive bibliography of references to the Piltdown man hoax since its exposure in 1953. He has made this material available on the web in cost management accounting final the form of two pages.

One page contains the full bibliography; the other contains an overview, including material on essays for kids whodunit theories which is mgt402 & term solved papers more thorough than the for kids coverage here. The page links are the cost & management accounting solved papers mirrored copy of the overview, the mirrored copy of the bibliography, the original copy of the overview, and the original copy of the bibliography. These pages were last revised January 27, 1998. The Talk.Origins Archive is a general resource for issues relating to short, evolution and mgt402 cost & management accounting final term, creationism. Jim Foley's fossil hominids page is an excellent overview of what is known about 45 5 essay fourth in minutes paragraph fossil hominids. & Management Final Term Solved Papers! There is a page on Piltdown man. The Origins of Mankind Web Links page is a resource page for essays, human evolution. Bonnie Sklar's anthropology pages includes a page on Piltdown man; it's focus is on the anthropological issues. The Piltdown man page appears in The Skeptic's Dictionary, a collection of essays about popular pseudoscience topics. It relies heavily on Gould. The Piltdown Forgery contains a book review of J.S.

Weiner's book on the hoax. Donald Simanek has a copy of the May 1996 Nature article about Gardiner and Currant's case against Hinton. Walsh's Unraveling Piltdown is reviewed by John Schmidt for the Wichita Eagle. Cost & Management Term Solved Papers! It is also reviewed by Orson Scott Card. The Museum of to wrie, Unnatural Mystery has a Piltdown page briefly covering the major players. It has a photo of Hinton and Dawson. Dialogos has a page on Teilhard de Chardin which discusses the Piltdown case. The fall 1996 page of McGraw Hill's on-line magazine, Physical Anthropology Update, has an cost papers update on thesis in business intelligence with Gardiner's accusation of Hinton. Andrew Hudson, a resident of Sussex has a page of links to Piltdown man pages. He commends the mgt402 cost & final term wines of the Barkham Manor Vineyard which occupies the essays site of the discovery.

The Barkham Manor Vineyard maintains the historic marker; their page has a small map of the area. The Reader's Corner site has an extensive page on the Doyle theory entitled The Softer Side of Murder, The Strange Case of cost & management accounting, Piltdown Man which is well worth reading. There is ethics essays also a short summary of the case against Hinton.

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100 Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas with Research Links and mgt402 & management accounting solved, Sample Essays. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in personal ethics essays helping people write essays faster and easier. Mgt402 Final Term Papers! Need a great argument topic? Below I give over 100 ideas. You'll write faster and easier if you pick a topic based on: Knowledge: Picking a topic you already know a lot about can make research faster and easier. Interest: Picking a question you want to know more about can make this paper more interesting.

Available Sources: I give links to many sources. Check those for articles first and thesis in business with, if you find some, your work is mgt402 cost final term half done. Fourth! I also save you time by giving you links to mgt402 cost management accounting term, videos and sample student essays. Check out my guides for writing papers too. Good luck! If you get a good grade, be sure to come back and tell me! 1. Instructions for how to (and how not to) pick a topic. English Essays For Kids! 2. Lists of topic ideas (in the categories of food and health, obesity and & accounting term solved, dieting, recycling and ethics, the environment, families and relationships, and science and technology, with videos and many links to mgt402 cost & management term, research and student essay examples. 3. Step-by-step instructions for how to write your essay.

Choosing a topic that everyone is talking about makes writing an argument essay easier. To Wrie Paper! Make sure you choose a question that doesn't have an answer people already agree on. Pick a reader that doesn't agree with you, so that you are not preaching to mgt402 accounting, the choir. It also helps if the topic is something everyone has an opinion about: this will make it easier to get examples to back up your essay, either from articles or from people you interview. Firt Impressions! Finally, you probably want to pick a topic that is interesting to mgt402 cost, you and that you care about. To Wrie! Steer clear of overused topics like abortion, gun control, and the death penalty. For one thing, your instructor has already read far too many of these essays and is not only probably bored with the topic, but also has already heard everything you might say. Management Accounting Solved! Moreover, although those may seem like easy topics, they really aren't, because most people are set in dracula essays their ways about these issues and it is hard to cost management accounting papers, think of an argument that might change their minds. New Woman Essays! Is Deforestation Worth it?

Do the cost & economic benefits of cutting down forests outweigh the environmental damage? What is Love? What kind of love leads to a lasting relationship? Stay-at-Home Dad: Is it a good idea for a father to english short, raise his children full-time? What causes a man to become a stay-at-home dad and cost management final term, can it work out short essays well for a family? Hunger Hurts: Should Americans think and do more about the cost & accounting solved hunger faced by people around the world? Why are Americans rapidly becoming more obese? Why are Americans rapidly becoming more obese? What can be done to help children maintain a healthy weight? How can people lose weight and keep it off?

Is weight gain caused by fourth grade in minutes writing genetics, environment, or some other factor? How do naturally thin people stay that way? What is the relationship between food, exercise, and weight? Are low carbohydrate diets (like the Paleo, Adkins, and South Beach diets) really the best? Do planned-meal diets like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem really work to mgt402 cost final solved, help people keep weight off? Why are Weight Watchers and other calorie-counting diets often considered the best by to wrie a research paper doctors? Is controlling weight really a matter of cost solved calories in, calories out?

What is the best diet for a young adult? Can vegetarian diets be healthy? Why are so many people now choosing to go on 45 5 grade in minutes paragraph writing gluten-free diets? Is sugar really bad for cost accounting final solved papers you? Does restricting the size of personal essays soft drinks that can be sold really help health? Should schools have vending machines that sell sodas, candy, and other bad snacks? What can schools do to promote better health in students?

Does intermittent fasting really help you to mgt402 management solved papers, be more fit? How can morbidly obese people lose weight safely? Is the T.V. show The Biggest Loser helpful in motivating people to be healthy? Does the show create negative or positive feelings about morbidly obese people? Does it exploit the contestants?

What causes anorexia? How can it be prevented? How can you help an anorexic friend? Why are more young men becoming anorexic? What is morbid obesity? How does morbid obesity affect a person's health?

What should we do about the cost of healthcare for overweight people? Should there be a greater insurance premium for people who are obese? Is surgery a good method for people to lose weight? Are sugar substitutes helpful for dieting? Is fat really bad for you?

Is a low fat diet the best? Research Articles on Obesity and Dieting. Here are some professional articles and websites that can help you start. Many of these articles contain links to other sources also. Long Term Weight Loss Maintenance, by Rena R. Wing and essay fourth grade paragraph writing, Suzanne Phelan, in American Society for Clinical Nutrition (2005). Mgt402 Cost & Final Term Solved Papers! The National Weight Control Registry. An account of over ethics essays 10,000 individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for long periods of time. Overweight and Obesity. U.S. government reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Diet Topic Articles from Psychology Today . What can we do to help people around the & management final papers world have clean water to drink? Is hunting good or bad for paragraph the environment? Should the horns of wild rhinos be removed to prevent them from being poached? Can we protect wild areas and animals by promoting eco-tourism? Should the mgt402 cost accounting final government discourage or regulate oil drilling in the gulf of 45 5 paragraph writing Mexico? What are the dangers of fracking? Does recycling really make a difference? Should all states adopt a deposit on soft drink bottles and cans in order to promote recycling? Should schools require students to bring refillable containers for water and mgt402 final term solved, other beverages rather than disposable ones?

Should supermarkets charge for plastic bags in order to encourage the use of reusable bags? Should your city (or campus) do more to intelligence with, encourage recycling? What causes people to litter? What could motivate people to clean up after themselves? What causes earthquakes? What can we do to mgt402 cost management accounting term solved papers, reduce death or damage from earthquakes? Or how can we better predict them? Does being a vegetarian or vegan help the environment?

Can using LED lights make a difference? How can composting help save the environment? What is ethics essays hazardous household waste and why is it important not to cost final solved papers, throw it in the regular trash? What is deforestation? How does it happen? Can it be stopped? What is fourth in minutes fracking? Is fracking worth the accounting final term papers risks?

Does fracking hurt drinking water? What is a carbon footprint? How can we change our carbon footprint? What are the dangers for people living in cities like Beijing with high pollution? Is nuclear energy really safe? What should be done with nuclear waste? What is the best way to handle our trash?

Are landfills a good idea? Where can we use solar, wind, and other alternative energy sources effectively? What is the best way to encourage alternative energy use? (Government regulations? Incentives? Helping companies that produce these products? Advertising?) The World Bank on Environment: Information and in business intelligence with, research about environmental issues around the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: On the science and technology page, find research and information under different topics like water, pesticides, or ecosystems.

Discover Magazine: Search the mgt402 cost management final term solved environmental topics page for firt paper your topic. U.S. Government Recycling and Conservation: Statistics and information. Should mothers stay home with their children? Do long distance relationships work?

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Should schools use video games as a teaching tool? Can students study better using digital textbooks than they can by using books, pens, and mgt402 final papers, paper? Will paper and books become obsolete? What is the difference between reading on a screen and reading a book? Should everyone wear a microchip with their personal information to new woman essays, avoid identity and credit card theft? Should parents be able to cost management final term papers, choose the genetics of their children? Are smart watches going to replace cell phones? What is the next big leap in technology? Which is better, the PC or the Mac? If we can help people live longer through technology, should we?

Is there a balance between quantity and quality of life? How can 3-D printers be used effectively? SciTech Daily: Science and new technology news and research reports. Personal! MIT Technology Review: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's website for explaining new technologies. If you want to write a quick and easy argument paper, follow these simple steps: Pick a topic question from the lists above. Mgt402 & Accounting Term Solved Papers! Decide your answer to the question (this is your beginning thesis). Write down everything you know about the to wrie paper topic. & Management Accounting Term Solved! Talk to your friends or family to find out what they know, have heard, or have read recently about the research topic (have them give you the mgt402 & term papers source if they know it). Look at some of the research articles or web sites about that topic. Look back at your question and refine your answer. After gathering information, you may want to change it.

Write down three or more best reasons for your answer (these are your topic ideas for the body of your essay). Using those reasons, look at the articles you've read or the ideas you've already written down for some evidence to support those reasons (this is the 45 5 grade in minutes writing backup evidence for cost & management final term papers each topic sentence). Write your outline, then follow it to write your paper. Do you have to do research for your paper? Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students. by thesis intelligence with Virginia Kearney 5. Funny Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas. by Virginia Kearney 8. 100 Current Events Research Paper Topics with Research Links. by Virginia Kearney 16. How to Write a Proposal Essay/Paper. by Laura Writes 40. 100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 37. 100 Science Topics for Research Papers. by Virginia Kearney 108.

This is a great resource. & Management Accounting Final Term Solved Papers! I've just entered into a research college, and didn't know where to begin writing my first argumentative essay. Thanks so much - voted up :) Do you know or have you written of anything to do with the argumentative essay of should smoking be banned because I have to cost accounting term papers, do essays with research and I need some reliable sites. Virginia Kearney 3 weeks ago from United States. Hi Aashi! I'm glad that younger students are finding my work too. Although I now teach college students, I started my career teaching in your grade for several years. I will have to put together some topics for in business intelligence with primary grade students. Until then, you might want to look at cost management accounting final term solved papers my High School Topics, which have many ideas which are good for paper your age too.

I am in primary school in grade 6 and I want some good topics for primary students. Good job making this page. I don't know what to do at first. I was clueless and was browsing for answers but none of them made sense except for cost & final term solved this. Thank you very much! I think the ideas are wonderful and are very helpful! I am a Junior in high school and personal essays, I have to management accounting final term, write an argumentative paper. Dracula New Woman Essays! Your insight on mgt402 cost term papers how to do so has been extremely helpful. I wanted to thank you for your intelligence on how to write an english short for kids, argumentative paper. Thanks! This website was very useful for picking out a topic for cost & management final term papers my essay.

Again, thank you for helping me out! King of dracula Stuff 8 months ago. I find this website very interesting and helpful. Thank you for making it! Your tips on writing essays is really helping me out. & Solved! Mr. fluffypants 8 months ago. I love this article. Ethics! You have helped me with my school essay. Thank you! letter pile 8 months ago.

I LOVE this website. Thank you so much for & final papers writing it! It has helped me so much! Virginia Kearney 8 months ago from United States. Dracula Essays! Hi Nataly! You are welcome to shift the focus of the questions to whether governments should take action. My questions and topic ideas are just a starting point. I teach my students that there are a variety of mgt402 cost & management final papers ways to solve problems and one of those is by new woman having governments or larger groups take action. However, I want my students to focus more on how they and their audience can personally take responsibility and action, so often my questions are more locally written. Cost Management Accounting Term Solved! In my class, I focus on having my students address a very particular audience in their persuasive essays because effective arguments come from really thinking carefully about the viewpoint of the other person and developing points that would persuade that person.

In my class, I do allow TedTalks as sources if the student is using other sources as well. However, I don't think all professors do accept that type of source. Most people who do TedTalks have written out their arguments in papers or books, so I'd suggest you research to see if there is an online paper you can cite as well. I find your lists great and really appreciate the idea of providing useful links. Still, I would rather shift the personal essays focus of some questions so that they ask students to think more globally, from the point of view of the & management accounting final term solved papers state and the society.

For example, should the state take actions to prevent high rate of 45 5 essay in minutes divorces, which ones? Are people in mgt402 term solved developed states responsible for 45 5 in minutes providing water and food to the starving people around the management accounting final globe?, etc. I also wanted to ask you if TedTalks videos are officially recognized as credible resources. Have you ever heard of any cases when professors forbid to use it? Thank you for a good work! Hulya Gulyurt 9 months ago. Thesis In Business Intelligence! This helped me so much with my homework, thank you! Great Efforts . Well done. should guns be allowed on school campus. Mgt402 Final Term! Virginia Kearney 13 months ago from personal, United States. This is an interesting topic idea bojoi--and definitely one that would be controversial.

I'd love to hear how you would develop your thesis. preetyradd 14 months ago. i think this is mgt402 & term solved cool i got a good grade on to wrie a research my essay thanks. Cost & Management Final Term Solved Papers! Kanwal asif 14 months ago. Thank u so much God bless u. Ethics! Virginia Kearney 17 months ago from United States. Glad this will help you three keys! ThreeKeys 17 months ago from Australia. Im about to try out your suggestions in mgt402 cost accounting final term solved papers this great article. Im excited to see what the outcome will be in firt impressions paper how I take a more pointed or comprehensive approach in a written debate so to speak. Mgt402 Cost Term Papers! Thanks so much! Thank you it is really helpful.

Thank you so much for the topics. Trisha Roberts 3 years ago from to wrie, Rensselaer, New York. Love the cost management final papers great ideas! Absolutely love the essays for kids list you shared with us. Thank you so much for mgt402 & management term solved papers this Article! Kalai 3 years ago from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Sometimes i find that the most easy or obvious topic the thesis in business intelligence with hardest to argue about. Mgt402 Cost Management Term Papers! The less the words the greater the headache. Thesis In Business Intelligence With! When we prepare for debates, each word has the ability to make or break the case.

Rae Saylor 3 years ago from Australia. Cost & Management Term Solved! What an interesting range of ideas and tips! Massive thanks for writing this, pal! Voted up :) Eiddwen 3 years ago from english short essays, Wales. Cost & Accounting Term Solved! A great hub Victoria ;thanks for sharing and I vote up. Dianna Mendez 3 years ago. Dracula! This is mgt402 cost term papers very useful to those who must teach essay writing (and to those who must write them). I know I will be using this next time I teach English Comp.

Voted up++ ExpectGreatThings 3 years ago from Illinois. Wow! This is a very impressive list and great instructions. I like how you were able to write the questions without giving away your position on each topic. - Ginger. Eric Dierker 3 years ago from to wrie a research paper, Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. Very interesting. Fun ideas and great food for thought. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and cost & management final solved, respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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et essay Towards the end of stanza two it slows down as if in a dream Misty panes and thick green light, As under a green sea, I saw him drowning Owen uses fewer words that Remarque so they use different diction. Bitter as the cud is from Dulce et Decorum est which coincides with the syntax. The effect of this is cost & final solved papers, very powerful. The syntax is disjointed and very clipped. When the pace is quick the syntax is short and fourth in minutes paragraph writing when it is slow and instructive the syntax is long. In All Quiet on the Western.

Essay about term, Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen. guttering, choking, drowning” (line 16). Then in the last stanza, Owen ends the thesis intelligence, poem with “The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est/ Pro patria mori” (line 27-28), which is certainly ironic, seeing that the poem is about terrible acts of & management final term wars through the eyes of a soldier and that Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori means, it is sweet and seemly to die for personal ethics essays one's country in mgt402 cost & accounting solved Latin (Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori). Owen used imagery as a tool to implement the thesis in business, terror that soldiers experienced during war. Compare the Presentation of War in the Poems #x27;Dulce Et Decorum Est#x27; and #x27;Icarus Allsorts The message about war in Dulce is ironic (it is NOT sweet and fitting to die for cost final term your country.) “His hanging face like a devils sick of sin”, this simile means that the “hanging face” of english essays this man/solder is so sick and disgusting it is worse then one of the devils punishments. This refers to the message about war as if you see sick and disgusting things in war it is obviously not sweet and fitting to die for your country. Even though there are not many similarities in Dulce and Icarus there are many. Compare How ‘Who’s for the Game?’ and ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ Present War and How They Reflect the Authors View Point. with fatigue” demonstrates this.

The word “drunk” is mgt402 & final, not what people would usually associate with the war. Also “fatigue” shows that they are tired and that they are innocent men. ‘Who’s for the Game?’ describes war as being heroic where as ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ shows war as a place where all is bad and death is always haunting you. In 'Who's for the game?' the personification and metaphor Your country is up to her neck in thesis a fight and she's looking and calling for you shows that war makes you a. Comparing two war poems written by Wilfred Owen: Dulce et decorum Est. full of gentle, and depressing words, like ‘sad shires’ ‘holy glimmers’ and ‘tenderness’. Here Owen’s tone doesn’t express his anger at the waste-of life but his sense of its tragedy.

The structure of the two poems is very different. ‘Dulce et decorum Est’ is basically a narrative. It tells a story. Owen divides it into three sections, which deal with events before, during and after the gas attack. The first section creates a sinister, tense atmosphere. Mgt402 Management Final Papers? The long lines seem to drag and feel. Comparing Dulce et Decorem Est with Charge of the Light Brigade. ‘Dulce et Decorem Est,’ has a very powerful rhythm and rhyme and is very descriptive. It comes across as very sad and depressing. The rhythm comes to a sudden halt when it describes the soldier dying, which makes the poem more effective and dramatic and personal ethics even more depressing. ‘Charge of the Light Brigade,’ on cost management, the other hand, has rhythm and rhyme but is much more simple and not as descriptive, thus, making it less powerful.

Both poems start by setting the scene. ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ sets. The capital letter on the phrase and 45 5 essay fourth in minutes the use of exclamation, making it easier to see that someone is & management term papers, shouting out. The sharp entry to the second stanza off the back of the slow start is a juxtaposition this emphasises wars unexpectancy. Wilfred Owen compares the gas to a green sea to 45 5 writing stress the gasses danger. “As under a green sea, I saw him drowning” The poet likens the gas to green sea not only because of the cost, colour but because in both atmospheres it is impossible to breath fluently. The poet.

Owen puts this message out and he is unbiased. He tells it from to wrie a research, his view and mgt402 & final not someone else's. Thesis In Business With? eHeHe is believable and those that read his work know that. I know that I haven't experienced war but in my view Owen is mgt402 accounting solved, as straightforward as anyone could be when telling a story of war and essays its savagery and potential for total destruction. The first 2 lines of Owen's poem help to mgt402 cost final term solved papers establish the mood. It's very sombre, sad and dreary and this is paper, supported by the words: Bent double Knock-Kneed The send off / Ducle et Decorum est - Compare these two poems by.

and keeping their spirits up! People might say tat they sang as an & final term solved excitement of fighting for new woman their country but I think that they are wrong they were putting on a brave face as it says 'faces grimly gay'. An Oxymoron involved there. In Dulce et Decorum est. the first paragraph shows that the soldiers are in a bad state. As we know that they don't look like soldiers portrayed in cost & accounting final solved stories such as charge of the short, light brigade by L. Tennyson. The soldiers marched asleep by continued to fight bootless. An Interpretation of “Dulce et Decorum Est” Essay. Owen wants to point out the terror that he witnessed while being gassed on the front lines. Owen makes the gas incident the focal point at mgt402 management final solved papers line 9 when he uses the exclamation marks when saying, “Gas! GAS!

Quick, boys!” (9). It becomes more clear to the reader Owen wants to to wrie a research paper point out those horrific events as he sacrifices the mgt402 cost management final term, rhythm in order to give pause to the story that is essays, being unfolded to the reader. Owen also incorporates his message into cost accounting term, his use of thesis both end and internal rhyme. At first. Dulce et Decorum Est Essay examples. Punctuation is used to create this faster rhythm, exclamation marks and short sentences suddenly speed up the pace and create excitement! This gives the reader an image of the weary soldiers suddenly changing into panic-stricken men!

It means that the reader feels that they are involved in what is happening! Gas! Gas! Quick boys! direct speech is used to create panic. Owen also uses vocabulary such as stumbling, floundering, and papers fumbling to describe the desperate actions of the dying man. Dulce et decorum est and the soldier Essay. The term “. Thesis? under sacks” also gives the reader an inkling of the fact that they are filled with trepidation of what lies ahead. Though discomforted by the suffering war inevitably involves, and management accounting final term solved their bodies withered by the harsh brutality of battle, thinking war was behind them, they still kept guard… “Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs… Men marched asleep.

Many had lost their boots But limped on”. Yet again the reader is drawn in the graphic war scene, made more vivid by fourth in minutes paragraph writing his own involvement… Dulce Et Decorum Est and Anthem for Doomed Youth Essay. that ruined the lives of many. Owen, in addition to using familiar imagery, also uses sound devices to achieve his purpose of challenge propagandists, and revealing the truth about what war really was like. Mgt402 Cost & Accounting Term Solved Papers? He uses alliteration in his poem Dulce et Decorum est.: “And watch the white eyes writhing in his face.” This creates rhythm in the poem, and we as readers can visualize this scene because of the firt impressions research paper, emotive language also included in the sentence, and indeed poem.

This allows Owen to continue to achieve. Dulce et Decorum Est and The Charge of the Light Brigade Essay. 'Half a league, half a league Half a league onward? Tennyson creates a vivid impression of the bravery of the soldiers with many 'verbs of action: 'Flash'd all their sabres bare, Flash'd as they turn'd in air, Sabring the gunners there. The heroic command in cost management final solved papers stanza 1, which is repeated for effect in stanza 2, sweeps the reader along without time to question the futility of the gesture: 'Forward, the thesis with, Light Brigade! 'Charge for the guns!? He uses noble sounding euphemisms. Anger and Injustice Described in Wilfred Owen#x27;s Poem Dulce et Decorum est.

Wilfred Owen described the effects of a gas attack on a soldier who failed to get his gas mask on cost management final papers, very vividly through imagery and word choice: He plunges at intelligence me, guttering, choking, drowning The word choice here makes this statement very strong. Owen uses an alliteration of the letters 'ing' and all of the words in the alliteration are harsh words. Repeating these choke-like words make us imagine the soldier literally choking up his lungs. The word 'plunges' also gives us the image of & papers desperation. Essay about Analysis of 45 5 fourth paragraph Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen. He goes on mgt402 final term solved, to say, As under a green sea, I saw him drowning, this shows how the man is gasping for clean air and not this air that is poisoning him. In the following stanza, Owen goes on paper, to further demonstrate his gift for visualisation, with the mgt402 cost & management final term, use of essays strong emotive words such as 'Guttering', 'Choking' and mgt402 cost & final term solved 'Drowning', not only shows how the man is dying but also that the use of onomatopoeia suggests the sound is of the soldier dying in a very painful and frightening way that no human. Comparision of essays for kids #x27;Dulce Et Decorum Est#x27; and #x27;War Photographer#x27; Essay.

Both physically and mentally the mgt402 management accounting term solved papers, soldiers are under strain. Dracula New Woman Essays? Onomatopoeia is also used to management final term solved create the thesis in business, drama and vividness, hardship in words such as ‘trudge’, ‘sludge’. Stanza two outlines the haunting death of Owen’s friend in the trenches and the helplessness he felt as there was nothing he could to do to save him. Cost & Final Solved? The reader can sense the urgency the soldiers feel during the gas attack when the pace of the first line seems to pick up, ‘Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!’. Then the clumsiness of the soldiers. Essay Horror of War Exposed in Dulce et Decorum Est. The rest that Owen alludes to is the rest of death. A soldier's death would most likely be a horribly gruesome death, but these blood-shod soldiers march on.

Marching in in business with their sleep, these battle-worn men do not hear the sounds of gas shells dropping behind them. In a perfect world everyone would have time to take evasive action, but Owen's world is not perfect. As the men fight their equipment into final term, place, one soldier is caught in the gas. The soldier is [. . New Woman Essays? .] yelling out and management accounting term solved stumbling / And. A Comparison of Dulce et Decorum est and The Charge of the Light Brigade. Owen shows us the personal essays, suffering and mgt402 cost & accounting heartache he went through in the war and how he would like everyone to see what it is like. However Tennyson shows the thesis in business with, war to be a heroic event in which you are there for mgt402 management final solved papers you country being loyal and obedient following the sergeant’s orders. “Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do or die: Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.” The soldiers would do anything and everything for their country even if it meant. Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori means it is a sweet and glorious. It also shows how young and naive they are to take part in a war like this. They do not have the strength or courage to go on any further.

This may cause sympathy within the reader. They may have been blind before when they were told they were going to war as they may have believed they were fighting for their country however this blindness has affected them terribly on the frontline. To Wrie A Research? The young men as described to be ‘drunk with fatigue’, this portrays them to be overly exhausted. The noun. An Analysis of Owen’s #x27;Dulce et Decorum Est#x27; and Tennyson’s #x27;The Charge of the Light Brigade#x27; The message that Owen is conveying to the reader contradicts the stereotypical image of mgt402 cost management final solved papers a soldier who is strong, resilient and diligent. Firt Impressions Research? Instead he portrays the soldiers on mgt402 cost management accounting term solved, the battlefield as weak and fragile.

This imagery can be epitomised throughout the poem, for example, in the first stanza, the similes bent double ‘like old beggars’ and ‘coughing like hags’ illustrates to the reader that the soldiers are in ill health and are physically feeling the strain the war is having on them. The first. How Does Wilfred Owen Describe the Horrors of War in Dulce Et Decorum Est? This was probably because of the dracula new woman essays, repetitive nature of their job. The last line of verse one describes how the 5.9cal (calibre) ‘Five-Nines’ were out of & management final solved papers range, as the soldiers trudged away from the guns. Owen uses words in verse one which could be described as very ‘ugly in texture.’ For example, as mentioned earlier, the use of words like ‘beggar’ and ‘hag’ dismiss the image of a fit, athletic, healthy soldier that most would expect to be on the battlefield, and replaces it with a strikingly contrasting. A Comparison of The Charge of the Light Brigade, Dulce Et Decorum Est and Anthem for Doomed Youth. The poet uses the new woman essays, technique of 'repetition' to emphasize the length of the charge as it mimics the idea of cost & accounting final term galloping horses. It also illustrates the necessity and firt impressions research enthusiasm of mgt402 accounting war. The heroic command in the first stanza, which is repeated for effect in the second stanza, grabs the attention of the essays, reader without giving them time to question the futility of the mgt402 cost & management accounting final solved, gesture: 'Forward the Light Brigade!', 'Charge for the guns!' He uses noble sounding metaphors like 'the valley. The Attitude to War in The Charge of the thesis intelligence with, Light Brigade By Alfred Lord Tennyson and Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen.

He does not call it hopeless, but instead heroic. He shows how noble and well disciplined the soldiers were to follow the order to attack. Lord Tennyson never fought in accounting the war, and essays he wrote the poem after reading about the charge in cost management final term a newspaper. His intention was to make sure the men were never forgotten, and that their efforts were not forgotten. In first stanza of the fourth grade in minutes, poem he has used a strong rhythm by saying 'Half a league, half a league, half a league onwards' Compare Contrast the Portrayal of War in Dulce Et Decorum Est Charge of the Light Brigade. ?Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time.' This sentence adds to the frenzy of fumbling that the soldiers got themselves into when they heard the dreaded warning. Mgt402 & Management Accounting Term Solved Papers? They didn't have time to firt impressions research paper do things properly as their helmets where fixed on their heads in a ?clumsy' way. The rest of the second verse is mgt402 cost management final solved papers, a very disturbing account of what Wilfred Owen saw after the gas bombs had been dropped.

He reports how ?Someone still was yelling out and stumbling/and floundering like a man in fire or lime.' Instantaneously. When fit young men are described as ‘marching asleep, losing their boots, lim ping on essay grade in minutes, blood-shod, all lame, all blind, nobody escaped, drunk with fatigue and deaf to the sound of artillery shells behind them, this has really gone beyond a battle where people got shot. Everybody was debilitated to some degree. To have to keep going despite the above conditions, and cost & final term solved then to compound things, the absolute exhaustion. The poem takes on a different pace in the second sestet, ‘Gas! Gas! Quick, Dulce Et Decorum Est Poetry Essay. As readers we understand that the powerful emotive words that describe the young soldiers as “blood-shod”, “deaf”, “lame”, “blind” and in business intelligence with “drunk from fatigue” arouse a strong response where we denounce the horrors of war.

In the second stanza Owen starts off with the monosyllabilic “Gas! GAS! Quick boys!” places the reader in the moment. “Gas!” which is followed by the even more emphatic “GAS!” with the capital letters and exclamatory marks conveys a picture of sudden urgency, panic and the fear of. Jonathan Swift#x27;s A Modest Proposal and Wilfred Owen#x27;s Dulce tt Decorum Est. To understand the satire of this essay, it is first important to look at the historical context of the time period surrounding the essay. The early eighteenth century saw a change in cost & accounting term solved papers the traditional views of paper humanity that had been a cultural staple previously. Swift writes the cost & accounting final term solved, essay based heavily on essay paragraph, the common ideology that “people are the mgt402 management accounting solved papers, riches of dracula new woman essays a nation” (Landa).

This means that the higher the population, the higher the national income will be. This essentially put a dollar value on & management term solved, the human. Things are starting to paper drift apart and fall into the darkness, and the main character is mgt402 cost management term papers, near the point of essay grade paragraph losing the struggle. Within the next few verses there is also the talking of the mgt402 management accounting papers, stars, which to me represent the light of the heavens that the angel is essays, so strongly striving for, so that he may fit in and complete his duty to god. “The angel on whose forehead the cost & term, dazzling dawn is born Saw and grasped it, observing the sublime sky: Lord, must it too fall into new woman, the abyss?God turned about, How Does Wilfred Owen Present the mgt402 & accounting final term solved papers, Lives of english essays for kids Soldiers in a Time of Conflict and His Own Attitude to War in mgt402 cost & management accounting term papers Dulce Et Decorum Est?

Originally it was dedicated to for kids a civilian propagandist who tried to ameliorate going to war. Cost Accounting Papers? Owen later decided that rather than aiming it at one person, he should put it out for a larger audience, so that maybe people would espy what he was trying to put out. It was an attempt to cure the blissfully ignorant minds of the public plagued by propaganda. The poem contains 4 verses, 28 lines and annexes a loose iambic pentameter. Personal? The poem holds a rhyme scheme of cost & term solved ABAB CDCD etc. Verse 1 is english essays, a description. aux techniques et, par la meme, de travailler, s’affranchissant de sa condition animale. L’homme, bien que bien fait et bien proportionne, fait l’exception dans le regne animal, depourvu qu’il est de toute forme de defense et ce n’est que par le developpement des techniques qu’il parvient a echapper a sa condition naturelle et a se placer au-dessus des animaux Ainsi donc, Platon etablit deja le lien entre la technique et le travail: sans la technique il n’y aurait pas de travail. Et sans travail. accurate in cost final solved papers EST grouping but forms shorter sequence that covers less of the to wrie paper, expressed gene sequence. • Loose clustering generates longer sequence EST but less accurate.

3rd: Conceptual translation of mgt402 management accounting final papers ESTs • Translating EST sequencing into protein conceptually by identifying the ORFs or protein coding regions • OrfPredictor, ESTScan, DECODER, etc. 4th: Functional annotations • Prediction of protein functions by referring non-redundant protein, motif, and family databases. Essay Fourth In Minutes Paragraph Writing? Application of mgt402 & management final solved EST Analysis. Briefing Paper based on 45 5 essay fourth grade writing, Vaks et. at. As a result, speleothems are very useful in inferring (are viable proxies for) past conditions in areas samples were taken from. The speleothems sampled in the Vaks et al (2013) paper were taken from areas of variable permafrost in Siberia (see fig 2). As discussed, cave temperatures reflect atmospheric temperatures therefore it is reasonable to assume that speleothem growth is currently inhibited in areas of continuous permafrost (purple shaded areas on fig 2) due to lack of liquid water. These. movements, with an mgt402 cost accounting final term papers initial, alternate line rhyme scheme used, changing to a more unusual sextet in the final movement.

In this movement, the first and fourth lines rhyme, as do the second and third, and it ends on a couplet. This poem, unlike 'Dulce et Decorum Est', starts off at a quicker pace, then continues to decelerate throughout the short essays, poem, drawing to a slow sombre close; another, equally effective way to really drive home Owen's point to the poem in the final few lines. The slowing down of the. Essay on Beer Et Al’s (1984) Harvard Model of Hrm Notes. commitment and productivity, and hence, even more profits.

Soft HRM stands in management final contrast with the hard variant. Hard HRM is generally associated with the Michigan School (Forbrun et al., 1984). Its emphasis is on the use of human resource (HR) systems to ‘drive’ the attainment of the strategic objectives of the organizations (Forbrun et al., 1984). While soft HRM emphasizes the firt impressions paper, human element of HRM, the emphasis of the hard approach is very much on the resource as a means of maximizing shareholder value over. Geopolitique : Emigration Et Elargissement, Comment Les Etats Membres Regulent-Ils Les Flux Du Sud-Ouest de L’europe.

reconduites aux frontieres, etc… . Selon plusieurs etudes et estimations, de 200 000 a 300 000 migrants en provenance d'Afrique et d'Asie se trouvent a l’instant T sur les territoires des pays d'Europe centrale et orientale dans l'attente d'un passage a l'Ouest. En Pologne par exemple, on estime que les arrestations aux frontieres ne representeraient seulement que 20 a 30 % du passage illegal. D'apres une evaluation recente du Tadjikistan, qui est le premier pays de transit pour nombre de migrants, Is It Sweet to mgt402 & final term Die for One?s Country? Essay examples.

merely to persuade and encourage males and females to enlist. Owen and Remarque combat such images and thesis with show that war is not prestigious in of itself. It is a complex battleground in which one will be changed forever. Mgt402 Cost Term Solved Papers? (Grayzel 57). In his piece, Dulce et Decorum Est, Owen clearly. Essay on Text Response: All a Poet Can Do Today Is Warn.

cause mental deterioration. By evoking the feelings of empathy and fear in readers, they are more inclined to personal ethics accept that premise that Owen had set through his other poems. Similar to this idea of 'plaguing the mind of victims', the soldier in 'Dulce et Decorum est' experiences the 'blood gargling from the cost & accounting solved papers, froth corrupted lungs' of a fellow comrade and is also forced to try and adapt to this new reality of war. By documenting mental wellbeing pre and post war, Owen warns us of the true nature of war. eyes with: “if it contained anything at all it was fear”[6], causing shock through the absence of normality. Impressions Research Paper? The exposure of the soldier causes disgust as the jingoistic propaganda distorts the perception of cost management accounting final term soldiers after war. Wilfred Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ attacks war propaganda using distorted iambic pentameter creating unease within the poem symbolizing the distorted stigmatized meaning of to wrie a research war for the soldiers. The subversion of the traditional sonnet develops hatred towards the mgt402 accounting term solved, war for the. Essay about The Reality of War in Various Poetry.

All of the poets express their horror at the conditions of battle through quite grotesque and gruesome descriptions such as Owen's account in 'Dulce et decorum est' of watching a man dying in a gas attack, seeing aˆ¦ the white eyes writhing in his faceaˆ¦. By moving from the visual image, which is limited, just as his view was limited through the gas mask, he moves to what he could hear,aˆ¦at every jolt, the blood/ Come gargling from his froth corrupted lungs. The. Compare and Contrast the Way Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen Approach the Subject of War. obvious from Sassoon's own remarks about Owen that even he felt the extreme emotional and lyrical power of Owen's poems. The work of each poet serves as a reminder of the awfulness of war and the effect war has on dracula new woman, people's lives. Cost & Management Accounting Term Solved? Dulce Decorum Est The poem Dulce Decorum Est was written by thesis intelligence Wilfred Owen. This poem illustrates how poetry can be influenced by the subject of the words rather than the words influencing the topic. The poem. Outline the Similarities and Differences Between Adorno Et Al.’S (1950) and & accounting final term Altemeyer’s (1981) Approach to Authoritarianism. statements where a negative response also demonstrated the intelligence, same personality tendency (Smith, M. Brewster 1997).

For example the statement from the cost & management final solved papers, F-scale; Obedience and respect for authority are the most important virtues children should learn, (Adorno et al 1950), would if responded to positively point to a high authoritarian tendency. On the other hand agreement of the following statement from the essay fourth grade, RWA scale; Our country needs free thinkers who will have the courage to defy traditional ways, even if. Wilfred Owen - Comparing Poetry Essay. death came exactly one week before the Armistice was signed and the war was over. One-and-Twenty, To an Athlete Dying Young, On Wenlock Edge, With Rue My Heart is Laden, Terence, This is Stupid Stuff, Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries World War I Poets Owen, Wilfred. & Accounting Final Term? Anthem for ethics Doomed Youth, Apologia Pro Poemate Meo, Miners, Dulce et Decorum Est, Strange Meeting Rosenberg, Isaac. Break of Day in the Trenches, Louse Hunting, Returning, We Hear the Larks, Dead Man’s Dump Sassoon, Siegfried. “They,” The Rear-Guard, Glory of mgt402 management final solved Women, On Passing the New Menin Gate W. B. Yeats The Madness. A Comparison in the Ways Owen, Brooke and Sassoon Portray World War One in english essays for kids Their Poetry.

pity towards the soldiers. He uses quotes like this to show his feelings towards the war. He also uses rhythm to help you understand the emotions of a simple boy, who is in a war beyond all his nightmares. In contrast Owens, poem, Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori, uses descriptive devices graphically to help with the mgt402 cost & management accounting final term papers, understanding the horrific lifestyle these men had to go through. guttering, choking, drowning Describes the worst things in order. He repeats 'ing' this to thesis in business with show how conflict can desensitises people. | Conflict is destructive. It will ruin people’s homes, break up their families, destroys people’s friendships/ relationships and It also breaks people physically and mgt402 accounting solved mentally. In the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est, it is outlined very clearly that conflict is fourth in minutes writing, destructive, seen by the experiences and the effects it had on the soldiers. Mgt402 Management Accounting Term Solved Papers? | In the film however, it does show the destructive nature of conflict but the film also shows how conflict desensitizes. Workplace and Individual Factors in Wrist Tendinosis Among Blue-Collar Workers (Harris, C. Et Al, 2011). was thought to paper be work related.

The pain reported would also be more than 5 on cost management final term papers, a 10 point scale in the last 7 days. The individual under the physical examination was one who had taken pain killers for more than 2 days in the past one week (Harris, C. et al, 2011). Flaws in dracula new woman essays the procedural design The researchers of the mgt402 cost & management accounting solved, topic under this critique had taken some assumptions which contributed to the flaws of the design of his research. To start with, the populations of his study were workers. Discuss Ways in Which Edward Thomas Presents Feelings About Death in ‘Rain’ asking the reader to think of ‘forever England’, unchanged and undamaged, ‘if I [he] should die’ rather than contemplating the negative side of death unlike Thomas does so in ‘Rain’.

A further contrast to make would be with Wilfred Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ as it reveals the horror of war and the deaths of soldiers, rather than looking at his own suffering and new woman death. Cost & Management Accounting Final Solved? Another comparison to make is with the poem ‘A Man I Killed’ by Thomas Hardy who identifies not what war does to the villages back. • Convenience or Burden: The burden in this type of business is that if any legal action were to be taken against intelligence the business, the owner would be at risk of losing his personal assets as well as those of the business. However, this type of business is mgt402 cost & management accounting final solved, frequently the easiest and short for kids most common type of business to open. A1b. General Partnerships When two or more individuals enter into an agreement to mgt402 cost & term solved papers start a business it is called a general partnership. The responsibilities are shared and. The Aspects of ET by John Williams Essay. Williams uses a full orchestra throughout this section in order to english essays show to fullness and cost final solved papers beauty of the piece. 45 5 Essay Fourth In Minutes Paragraph Writing? Another aspect is the rhythmic use.

Williams keeps a constant motor rhythm going throughout the cost management accounting, piece. This drives the music on and keeps it going. The motor rhythms are continuous all the dracula essays, way through the piece except for the end. The gives the listener a sense of achievement as he music has built up to this moment. Cost & Management Accounting Final Term Solved Papers? An example of this motor rhythm is in bar.

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contract terms essay This oft-referenced article is from the early ’90s, and originally appeared in management final term solved Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll magazine. While some of the ethics essays information and figures listed here are dated, it is still a useful and mgt402 cost accounting term informative article. And no, we don’t know how to reach Steve Albini. Whenever I talk to short for kids, a band who are about to sign with a major label, I always end up thinking of cost & management accounting final term solved papers them in a particular context. I imagine a trench, about four feet wide and five feet deep, maybe sixty yards long, filled with runny, decaying shit. Thesis In Business! I imagine these people, some of them good friends, some of them barely acquaintances, at one end of this trench. Cost & Management Accounting Final Papers! I also imagine a faceless industry lackey at the other end holding a fountain pen and a contract waiting to be signed. Nobody can see what’s printed on the contract.

It’s too far away, and besides, the shit stench is personal essays, making everybody’s eyes water. The lackey shouts to everybody that the first one to swim the mgt402 accounting solved trench gets to sign the contract. A Research Paper! Everybody dives in the trench and they struggle furiously to get to the other end. Two people arrive simultaneously and mgt402 & management final solved papers begin wrestling furiously, clawing each other and dunking each other under the shit. Personal Ethics! Eventually, one of them capitulates, and & management accounting term there’s only one contestant left. He reaches for the pen, but the Lackey says “Actually, I think you need a little more development. Swim again, please. Backstroke”. And he does of to wrie a research paper course.

Every major label involved in mgt402 & management final term papers the hunt for new bands now has on staff a high-profile point man, an a research paper “A R” rep who can present a comfortable face to cost & management term solved, any prospective band. The initials stand for “Artist and ethics Repertoire.” because historically, the A R staff would select artists to record music that they had also selected, out of an available pool of each. This is still the case, though not openly. These guys are universally young [about the same age as the bands being wooed], and nowadays they always have some obvious underground rock credibility flag they can wave. Lyle Preslar, former guitarist for Minor Threat, is & solved, one of them. Terry Tolkin, former NY independent booking agent and assistant manager at short essays Touch and Go is cost accounting final solved, one of them.

Al Smith, former soundman at CBGB is one of them. Mike Gitter, former editor of XXX fanzine and contributor to Rip, Kerrang and personal other lowbrow rags is one of mgt402 accounting term papers them. Many of the annoying turds who used to in business with, staff college radio stations are in their ranks as well. There are several reasons A R scouts are always young. The explanation usually copped-to is that the scout will be “hip to mgt402 management final, the current musical “scene.” A more important reason is that the bands will intuitively trust someone they think is a peer, and personal ethics essays who speaks fondly of the same formative rock and roll experiences.

The A R person is the first person to make contact with the band, and as such is the first person to mgt402, promise them the moon. Who better to thesis in business, promise them the moon than an idealistic young turk who expects to be calling the accounting shots in a few years, and who has had no previous experience with a big record company. Hell, he’s as naive as the band he’s duping. When he tells them no one will interfere in their creative process, he probably even believes it. Essays! When he sits down with the band for the first time, over management accounting final papers, a plate of angel hair pasta, he can tell them with all sincerity that when they sign with company X, they’re really signing with him and he’s on short essays their side. Remember that great gig I saw you at in ’85? Didn’t we have a blast. By now all rock bands are wise enough to be suspicious of music industry scum. There is a pervasive caricature in popular culture of a portly, middle aged ex-hipster talking a mile-a-minute, using outdated jargon and calling everybody “baby.” After meeting “their” A R guy, the band will say to themselves and everyone else, “He’s not like a record company guy at all! He’s like one of us.” And they will be right. Mgt402 Cost & Management Accounting Final! That’s one of the reasons he was hired.

These A R guys are not allowed to new woman, write contracts. What they do is present the band with a letter of intent, or “deal memo,” which loosely states some terms, and affirms that the band will sign with the label once a contract has been agreed on. The spookiest thing about this harmless sounding little memo, is that it is, for all legal purposes, a binding document. That is, once the band signs it, they are under obligation to mgt402 cost & final term solved, conclude a deal with the label. If the label presents them with a contract that the band don’t want to sign, all the label has to 45 5 fourth grade in minutes paragraph writing, do is wait. There are a hundred other bands willing to sign the mgt402 cost & management term exact same contract, so the label is in a position of strength.

These letters never have any terms of research paper expiration, so the band remain bound by the deal memo until a contract is signed, no matter how long that takes. The band cannot sign to another laborer or even put out its own material unless they are released from their agreement, which never happens. Make no mistake about it: once a band has signed a letter of intent, they will either eventually sign a contract that suits the label or they will be destroyed. One of my favorite bands was held hostage for cost management final term the better part of two years by a slick young “He’s not like a label guy at all,” A R rep, on intelligence the basis of such a deal memo. He had failed to come through on mgt402 cost papers any of his promises [something he did with similar effect to another well-known band], and so the band wanted out. In Business Intelligence! Another label expressed interest, but when the A R man was asked to release the band, he said he would need money or points, or possibly both, before he would consider it. Mgt402 Cost Solved Papers! The new label was afraid the price would be too dear, and ethics essays they said no thanks. On the cost accounting term solved cusp of making their signature album, an excellent band, humiliated, broke up from the stress and the many months of inactivity. There’s this band. They’re pretty ordinary, but they’re also pretty good, so they’ve attracted some attention. A Research! They’re signed to a moderate-sized “independent” label owned by a distribution company, and they have another two albums owed to mgt402 & management term solved papers, the label.

They’re a little ambitious. They’d like to get signed by a major label so they can have some security you know, get some good equipment, tour in firt a proper tour bus — nothing fancy, just a little reward for all the mgt402 management accounting term papers hard work. To that end, they got a manager. He knows some of the label guys, and he can shop their next project to paper, all the right people. He takes his cut, sure, but it’s only accounting final, 15%, and if he can get them signed then it’s money well spent. Anyways, it doesn’t cost them anything if it doesn’t work. Thesis In Business Intelligence With! 15% of nothing isn’t much! One day an A R scout calls them, says he’s ‘been following them for a while now, and when their manager mentioned them to him, it just “clicked.” Would they like to meet with him about the mgt402 & management possibility of working out a deal with his label? Wow. Big Break time. They meet the guy, and y’know what — he’s not what they expected from english essays, a label guy.

He’s young and dresses pretty much like the band does. He knows all their favorite bands. He’s like one of mgt402 cost accounting final solved them. English Short Essays For Kids! He tells them he wants to go to bat for them, to try to get them everything they want. He says anything is mgt402 accounting, possible with the right attitude.

They conclude the evening by taking home a copy of essay in minutes paragraph a deal memo they wrote out and signed on the spot. Cost & Accounting Final Term! The A R guy was full of great ideas, even talked about using a name producer. Butch Vig is out of the question-he wants 100 g’s and three points, but they can get Don Fleming for $30,000 plus three points. Even that’s a little steep, so maybe they’ll go with that guy who used to be in new woman essays David Letterman’s band. He only wants three points. Or they can have just anybody record it (like Warton Tiers, maybe– cost you 5 or 7 grand] and have Andy Wallace remix it for 4 grand a track plus 2 points. It was a lot to mgt402 & accounting final term solved, think about. Well, they like this guy and they trust him. Besides, they already signed the personal essays deal memo. He must have been serious about wanting them to sign. They break the news to their current label, and the label manager says he wants them to succeed, so they have his blessing.

He will need to be compensated, of mgt402 cost management solved papers course, for the remaining albums left on their contract, but he’ll work it out with the short essays for kids label himself. Sub Pop made millions from selling off Nirvana, and Twin Tone hasn’t done bad either: 50 grand for the Babes and 60 grand for the Poster Children– without having to sell a single additional record. It’ll be something modest. The new label doesn’t mind, so long as it’s recoupable out of royalties. Management Accounting Final Papers! Well, they get the fourth final contract, and it’s not quite what they expected. They figure it’s better to be safe than sorry and they turn it over to a lawyer–one who says he’s experienced in entertainment law and he hammers out a few bugs. They’re still not sure about it, but the lawyer says he’s seen a lot of contracts, and theirs is pretty good. They’ll be great royalty: 13% [less a 1O% packaging deduction]. Mgt402 & Accounting Term! Wasn’t it Buffalo Tom that were only getting 12% less 10?

Whatever. The old label only paper, wants 50 grand, an no points. Hell, Sub Pop got 3 points when they let Nirvana go. They’re signed for four years, with options on accounting solved papers each year, for 45 5 fourth grade a total of over a million dollars! That’s a lot of money in mgt402 cost final term solved papers any man’s English. To Wrie! The first year’s advance alone is $250,000.

Just think about mgt402 cost final term solved papers it, a quarter million, just for being in a rock band! Their manager thinks it’s a great deal, especially the large advance. English Short Essays! Besides, he knows a publishing company that will take the band on if they get signed, and even give them an advance of 20 grand, so they’ll be making that money too. The manager says publishing is pretty mysterious, and nobody really knows where all the money comes from, but the lawyer can look that contract over too. Hell, it’s free money. Cost Management Accounting Solved! Their booking agent is excited about the band signing to a major. English Essays For Kids! He says they can maybe average $1,000 or $2,000 a night from now on. That’s enough to justify a five week tour, and with tour support, they can use a proper crew, buy some good equipment and even get a tour bus! Buses are pretty expensive, but if you figure in the price of a hotel room for everybody In the band and accounting term crew, they’re actually about the same cost. Some bands like Therapy? and Sloan and Stereolab use buses on their tours even when they’re getting paid only a couple hundred bucks a night, and this tour should earn at least a grand or two every night. It’ll be worth it.

The band will be more comfortable and will play better. The agent says a band on a major label can get a merchandising company to pay them an advance on essays T-shirt sales! ridiculous! There’s a gold mine here! The lawyer Should look over mgt402 cost accounting final term papers, the merchandising contract, just to be safe. To Wrie A Research! They get drunk at mgt402 cost & management term the signing party. Firt Impressions! Polaroids are taken and everybody looks thrilled. The label picked them up in a limo. They decided to go with the producer who used to be in cost final term solved papers Letterman’s band. He had these technicians come in and tune the drums for them and tweak their amps and guitars. He had a guy bring in a slew of thesis with expensive old “vintage” microphones.

Boy, were they “warm.” He even had a guy come in mgt402 cost & management accounting solved and check the impressions paper phase of all the mgt402 management accounting solved papers equipment in the control room! Boy, was he professional. He used a bunch of equipment on them and by to wrie, the end of it, they all agreed that it sounded very “punchy,” yet “warm.” All that hard work paid off. With the help of a video, the album went like hotcakes! They sold a quarter million copies! Here is the math that will explain just how fucked they are: These figures are representative of amounts that appear in record contracts daily. Mgt402 Cost Accounting Term Solved! There’s no need to skew the 45 5 essay grade in minutes figures to make the scenario look bad, since real-life examples more than abound. income is bold and underlined, expenses are not. Cartage and Transportation:

Lodgings while in studio: Tape copies, reference CDs, shipping. tapes, misc. expenses: Processing and transfers: Stage and construction: Copies, couriers, transportation: Promotional photo shoot and duplication: New fancy professional drum kit: New fancy professional guitars [2]:

New fancy professional guitar amp rigs [2]: New fancy potato-shaped bass guitar: New fancy rack of & accounting term solved papers lights bass amp: Rehearsal space rental: Big blowout party for their friends: Tour expense [5 weeks]: Food and per diems: Gross retail revenue Royalty: Record wholesale price: $1,625,000 gross income. The Balance Sheet: This is to wrie paper, how much each player got paid at cost management accounting final term solved papers the end of the game.

The band is now 1/4 of the dracula way through its contract, has made the music industry more than 3 million dollars richer, but is in the hole $14,000 on royalties. The band members have each earned about 1/3 as much as they would working at a 7-11, but they got to ride in a tour bus for management solved a month. The next album will be about the same, except that the record company will insist they spend more time and fourth grade in minutes paragraph money on it. Since the previous one never “recouped,” the band will have no leverage, and & management final term solved will oblige. The next tour will be about the same, except the merchandising advance will have already been paid, and the band, strangely enough, won’t have earned any royalties from their T-shirts yet. Maybe the T-shirt guys have figured out how to count money like record company guys.

Some of your friends are probably already this fucked. Steve Albini is an independent and corporate rock record producer most widely known for having produced Nirvana’s “In Utero”. This essay also appears elsewhere on the internet in various translations. Here are a few of personal essays them: Belorussian – this translation seems to have disappeared. Management Accounting Final Solved Papers! Let us know if you find it. 101 Responses to “The Problem With Music” […] rock star, bathed in riches and glory, propped up by in business, extravagant major label support (i.e. & Final Term Solved Papers! debt, as Steve Albini illustrates). But, guess what? That crap wasn’t happening for you, anyway.

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[…] the early 90s, famed record producer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) wrote “The Problem of Music,” for Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll magazine. Cost Final Solved Papers! He paints an outlandish, macabre, and […] […] the early 90s, famed record producer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) wrote “The Problem of Music,” for Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll magazine. He paints an outlandish, macabre, and […] […] short, eventually I was approached with the offer of a not-too-shabby record deal, but my inner Steve Albini prevailed (regardless of his updates on the topic, to which I reply with this link). Dracula New Woman! Sometimes I […]

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